• Most likely under Carmena Sandiego when she was in Oz
  • Australia, I believe.
  • There is an Iron Knob in Southern Australia. I say "big deal" We have a "Pilot Knob" and a "Knob Lick" within 10 miles of my house. Iron isn't doing anybody any good.
  • I don't know could you give me directions!!! LOL
  • Probably in a place like Australia, only they could come up with something as good as this. And of course any men who have to wear a chastity belt.
  • Iron Knob is located 68 kilometers Southwest of Port Augusta, and 90 kilometers East of Kimba in Southern Australia. Europeans first ventured into the remote Iron Knob area during Edward John Eyre's expedition of 1839. Somewhat predicting future developments Eyre reported the discovery of vast "Iron Stone" hills. Permanent settlement of the area had to wait another 25 years. In 1854 James Patten was granted a pastoral and grazing lease over Corunna Hill, 7 kilometers North East of present day Iron Knob.

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