• I think this is really a case to case kind of thing. If the two of you feel comfortable doing that right away then by all means do it. If you want to wait or the other person wants to wait, its up to you both to decide. I think that no one has the right to judge anyone else for their decisions because everything works differently for each person and situation. Go with your gut on this one and discuss it with your S/O. Good luck!
  • It depends on a lot of things, age, maturity level of the two people involved, as well as the comfort level in the relationship. Obviously, if it's two 16 year old immature teenagers, then they shouldn't be spending the night at eachother's houses. Period. But if the couple is older and more mature, it really then just depends on the comfort level and when they both feel ready to take that step.
  • you mean having sex ? wait till after they get married.
  • I think three or four dates is a good number, but really it varies on the person.
  • At least a year or 2.
  • as long as it feels right, id probably wait a couple bt it depends on the person
  • If they are just teens, no way would I let my daughter go out with someone I hadn't met before. They better be friends for awhile before they go out.
  • When two people get married, then they should spend the night together.
  • Well, for me it was our wedding night :-)
  • depends on how much they had to drink...
  • When you both decide it is time. much of life and relationships is determined through agreement, while respecting one another's wishes and satisfying each others desires (nb: and not necessarily what AB or any other form of public opinion dictates, don't you think?)
  • If you are asking my opinion... "You're suppose to date first?" As for the general populace, it's very different with each person. I don't believe there is a right or wrong answer for this question (assuming we're talking adults). There is nothing wrong with spending the night together, it can be very wonderful in many ways. But you and the other must both be prepared for the physical and emotional step that it marks.
  • Spend the night? Immediately, especially if alcohol is consumed. Now sex is a different matter.
  • Which two people? There is no "cookie cutter" answer here. Every persons situation is different.
  • Till they get married! This is my opinion!
  • no. marriage first.
  • I usually spend the night before we start dating. I don't believe that sex is anything holy or whatnot. If we feel like having it then we will. If we don't, then we won't. It's as simple as that. Time has little to do with it.
  • If they are both unattached and of age, I think whatever the two of them agree upon is what is right for that couple in particular. You can't lay down a strict rule about size does not fit all. For some people, spending the night won't happen until an engagement or marriage. For others, less weight is placed on spending the night and it might happen sooner. :)
  • From previous experience, I would recommend longer than 1 or 2 dates...!
  • At least the first night you meet,That way you have time to talk to one another,doesn't mean that you got to get all nude,and climb all over each other.Unless your just irresistible towards one another you know,lets be honest.
  • Well, some people have been dating someone about six months before they spent the night - by someone else. They got tired, probably.
  • around a couple of weeks for sexually experienced adults. I would say the time decreases with number of partners and sexual experience.
  • If they're "kids" never.

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