• I have two old chairs I was going to throw out, but my cats love sleeping in them. So one is in the basement and the other is in my living room, horrible as the chair looks, I can't throw it out because of the cats.
  • My pet gets anything he wants. He owns everything and I have to ask permission to use it. LOL. there is no other dog in the world as spoiled as mine. He is not a dog though. He hates dog food, he won't play with dog toys, etc but he still gets anything his little body desires..
  • Today was officially a pet day here in my house. I tend to dote on my animals and make sure everyone is happy, contented, and healthy. This meant doing all things fish tank: water change, treatment, gravel vacuum... and I actually finished stocking the aquarium. I am very happy with the way it is looking, and all the fish seem to be doing very well. The dogs were taken to a big fenced-in field to run, and I worked on commands with them with some hot dog pieces. Sundays is meant to be a quality-time day, and I thoroughly enjoyed all of it. :) I don't know if I consider my behavior over the top, but I do know that my pets are always a top priority for me.
  • My new goal - to put a doggie door in my basement, make some snuggly beds out of the old mattresses that I have and buy some new toys. No, it's not going over the top. Our animals are like helpless children who have nothing but love to offer us. Edited 12/6/2008 to correct grammar and spelling - not content.
  • our dogs get hot dogs all the can even tell if we spell brings leaves in from the yard and lays the leaf down at the's a trade for a hot dog....spoiled...spoiled...spoiled.
  • I give them food, exercise, love, shelter, and boundries. I mostly let them enjoy being dogs and they flourish.
  • Peanut butter sandwiches! They love them. :D
  • My german shepherd has a problem with perianal fistulas, so he gets a rear washing and a sitz bath after his "business".
  • My pets don't really have their own room, but we have a second bedroom that 2-3 of them love to sleep in all of the time. We usually have at least a couple of them sleeping with us every night. They have lots of toys, and we treat them like our kids. For 4 years straight, we've been putting Christmas hats on them and making a Holiday Greeting card to send to our friends. This year, a friend of my s/o made a little hat for them to wear (see the photo). We can never get the Siamese to open her eyes...I think she finds it all so humiliating...LOL!
  • I don't know if it's over the top, but I think it's kind of funny. My wife insists the our little miniature dachshund Peanut not have people food, only dog food. She is adamant about it. My kids and I sneak Peanut food all the time, a litte bite of ham or cheese or steak, etc. It's like our little secret. Peanut sure appreciates it.
  • My daughter's Mom has a dachsund, he likes coffee but won't drink it if you put it on the floor. He has to have it in a cup on the table.
  • Take care of them,provide plenty of excercise,mental stimulations through training,provide them with food,shelter,water...thats all the animal needs to be a happy dog...Humanizing dogs is sick and people that do it should not be a dog owners....

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