• China town, if there is one in your area.
  • Sure hope you have a lot of money!!!!!
  • EBay lists many "Ming" vases in the range of $30-40. You can expect that all of these are reproductions. If you want the real thing, try Christies auctions. One sold recently for $10 Million.
  • Beijing, China would be the natural place to look. But I doubt if they have any Ming Vase outside the museums. So your best bet would be to watch the Christies catalogues for forthcoming auctions. I am sure you will find it there. They check authenticity and give you a certificate. Anywhere else you will end up buying a fake paying good money.
  • While going through the antiques sale sometimes you may come across such beautiful things.There are people trained to locate such things.I had the opportunity to meet two of them in an antique bazaar. They were going through it like a toothcomb.They showed me how to understand the antiquity of some things that I bought from there.Flea markets are also some places where you could land up with a lot of great antiques.I hope you get your ming vase some day!Otherwise my good friends here have suggested that 'Christie's' would be a great place to blow your millions!
  • Having three kids I think you should stay away from that purchase!
  • to look at in a museum, so see a picture (my house), to buy? what are your objectives?
  • Sure! At the Ming residence! ;-)

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