• Every day is a school day, you learn something new every day.
  • I most certainly do. I try to learn at least one new thing a day. Sometimes I get lucky and learn more but if I can get something new then I feel like I have honestly done something.
  • Well, I believe the truly educated get degrees - that is tangible and helpful in today's world. As far as the quest for knowledge, I believe the truly educated understand that everyday is a learning experience -- we grow, cultivate ideas, and become more educated with each life experiences. We graduate from curricula, phases, and levels. We gradually acquire wisdom.
  • I think everyone is different. I would say that the truly educated always graduate, but the extremely motivated truly educated don't have to. Like if your in college and have a brilliant business idea and drop out and earn some crazy money, making your professors look like idiots or something.
  • Sure you dont have to graduate to be truly educated, however if your this smart its a waste to not graduate.
  • That is very often the truth, but many times the truly educated graduate so they can find a good job and make good money.

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