• failure is acceptable... get that off the list asap
  • That nothing they do will make a difference anyway, that they aren't hurting anyone by excepting defeat and choosing to fail...Basically that even if they succeed, what difference would it make..
  • perpetual failure and not self.
  • I think the main issue here is that you have not defined 'failure'. YOU may see it as failure, someone who doesn't do anything and never did may see it as not giving in to the system, not serving a higher and richer power. What YOU see as an important exam might be a fart in the wind to someone who is doing an apprenticeship. Where YOU see uni/college as the next logical intelligent step, someone else may see it as a waste of valuable working/money-making time. You can't assume that those who you see as failures consider themselves as failures. In conclusion, the 'belief' that 'failure-accepting' students have is that they are doing the right thing for themselves, just the same way as you hold the belief that not failing is the right thing for yourself.
  • Well if they fail enough times of course they are going to accept it.

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