• It depends where you live and what the legal age for sex is in your area.You must also take care that he is not connected to you professionally (your doctor,or your teacher),or holds a position of trust(your youth club leader,etc)as this could jeprodise his job.If he was formally connected to you then its ok,as long as the relationship wasn`t started at a time when you were connected.Hope this helps.x
  • Only if you consider him being sent to prison for statutory rape "trouble."
  • It's illegal in most states. Depending on where you live, not only could be go to prison, but your mother could lose custody of you for allowing such a situation. I have no idea where your mother's head is, but it's apparent that she does NOT have your best interests at heart. Somebody needs to inform the authorities and get you in a safer environment ASAP.
  • It's only illegal if you're sleeping (having sex) with each other. And even at that, as long as you're private about it (like not saying stuff on answerbag), who in the world is going to know besides you and him?
  • If you are just dating, and nothing more, there are no rules. Different states have different rules regarding being intimate. In most states, the age of consent is 16, but not all. Check "the age of constent + (your state)" online.
  • As far as Dating goes no, unless he opisses you mom off and a restraining oreder is placed on him... if yer having sex that is statchatory rape and your parents can technicly charge him. on a personal note I really question what a 29 yr old is doing with a 16 year old anyway.
  • He can get in trouble if there is sex involved. But doesn't this relationship bother you? You weren't even born when he was your age, and if you get pregnant he will be arrested and you will never be able to have both him and your baby at the same time because he will be a registered sex offender. That alone is a pretty big chance to take...
  • Your "boyfriend" has a mental problem if he's dating a 16 year old.

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