• I guess I don't know, since if you change them both I now longer know who you are. I'd change the avatar, but keep your nickname so we all know who you are.
  • How would I know who you are if you change all the time and I just started answerbag a month or two ago so I wouldn't know you're other nicknames.
  • If you change both, how will we ever know it's still you. I can see changing your avatar and keeping your name, at least a resemblance of your name like Fun or Penny does. Or if your avatar is unique, like Solid Gold Hemorrhoids or Trotsky and changing your name a little.
  • Well I don't know who you are, so I guess so. I modify mine a lot but always stay "fun" and my little girl always stays put.
  • The AB staff.
  • its always too confusing.

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