• I never feel guilty because I always give
  • I never feel guilty because I earn what I've got. If you've got time to beg, you've got time to apply for work.
  • Guilt has to do with your conscience. If I feel to give and don't give, than I feel guilty. I discern between people who got instantaneous in trouble and people who are professional beggars.
  • Bacchus thats the most ass hole thing ive ever heard the majority of them have mental problems or are seriously addicted to drugs. I always feel bad that the government doesnt have more programs to help these people and me giving them money will just fuel their addiction/problem. I think the answer here would be to donate/volunteer to homeless shelters and rehabs and maybe pass out flyers or give them rides to these places.
  • No. You are not responsible for the begging homeless person's present plight. So no need to feel guilty. If someone is better off it is entirely due to their own efforts. But as a resposible members of the society we must volunteer to do all we can to help those in need. So help all you can, not by charity, but by contributing to organizations which have taken up the cause of helping the homeless persons in penury.
  • I tend to feel guilty when I can clearly see a need I can meet.
  • Depends whether or not you give them money.
  • There was one last night by the grocery store where I was going to buy groceries we can't afford. When the stores always ask if we want to donate to the such and such fund we have been saying, No thanks we will donate to our needy family. Times our tough and we have to make do with what we have. We have NOT sought any government help because between my husband and I combined we are able to get in almost 40 hours of paid work a week. BUT those people that are soooo bad off can, so I do not feel guilty walking/driving past them.
  • some ppl are homeless because that is the life they choose and some are homeless for other reasons that make sense. Either way, if I have anything: money, candy, a cup of coffee, a coke, a coupon for a free sandwich, an umbrella, a Bible, ANYTHING that I can give them ....I will. I just don't always have something with me. You never know when the gift you give will be the last one they accept before they get back on their feet and off the streets... not all homeless ppl are lazy bums. Most of them have had terrible circumstances to get them there.
  • If they are asking for money, I often walk past. If they will take food directly or will go with me to someplace to eat, I will pay for a meal. But I quit giving money directly to homeless I don't know. So, no, I don't feel guilty because I have done things to help them if they will let me but I will not enable them, adding to their troubles.
  • How do you think the one who is begging feels?
  • No. I've noticed that there seems to be a marked difference between homeless people in the US and homeless people in some other countries that I've been in. In many countries, the homeless are simply poor. I've seen people give them food or clothing and seen their gratitude. It's difficult to walk past this type of begging homeless person and not feel some guilt. However, in the US, the begging homeless are addicts or are running a con. They want money for drugs or whatever con they have up their sleeves. If you give them food or clothing, they are most likely to throw it at you. I feel no guilt in ignoring them.
  • No, unless their problems are directly your concern for some reason.

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