• Yeah, it's kind of normal. You hit that 'quarter-century' mark and you realize that there really aren't any other 'big' birthday events (numerically speaking) until you are 30 or 40. At 25, you are already four years into being 'over 21'. Also, 25 is the turning point of the 20s... no longer early 20s, but entering into late 20s
  • My mother told me that life didn't start until you were 40. She was wrong...I'm 59 and it keeps getting better all the time!!!
  • i agree with you... i am 23 and finding that work is making me feel old. i cant stay up later that 11 pm and even at the places i frequent on the weekends etc i am finding that i am noticing the teens more and more and feeling like im too old to be there? its really strange :)
  • You are already old enough! So what's the problem?
  • ACK, if you are old then I am REALLY old. 29. yes I started feeling old around half way up the hill
  • Relax. I've got socks older than you;)
  • Yes but you aren't. Enjoy it while you can. 45 is much worse!
  • I felt that too. I'm 28 now and keep getting that feeling sometimes. I've also seen that some activities make u feel that too. Try to have more fun things :)
  • yes if you got married other whise you should concern physicion
  • I can understand why people begin to feel old around that age. People stop calling 25 year old people kids and some people pluck their first gray hair at age 25 like I did.
  • youre just maturing ha!
  • I don't think it's normal but it might be more common nowadays. But 25 really isn't old when you think about your whole life ahead. I've thought that my life was just one terrific fascinating journey and I'm always wondering what's around the next bend. Even with aches and pains creeping up on me, I still love life and want it to go on and on:-)
  • Awwww sweetie your not old..I'm 33 and some day's i feel older but i don't think I'm old in anyway. People are living longer now with a good quality of life and good health.. so life starts at 50 they say now so you have another 25 years before you life will even start hehe
  • It's normal for several reasons first if we are not happy with our job and/or relationship also if we feel we are not anywhere near where we hoped to be in this stage of our life the lack of accomplishment and boredom factors start working on us. You may want to think about changing some things in your life, it's not as hard as many think. Read my profile if you wish. I mentor people and I am always available to help in anyway I can. I have 5 children, two of my sons are about your age so I can relate very well.
  • When I turned 25, I stepped back and thought I'm a 1/4 of a century old, what have I contributed to society? It made me feel a bit old.
  • It can be.. the fast lifestyle of the modern day can make you feel older sooner.. I know I do.. I'm 26 :)
  • Handle your responsibilities well.This is the time when you should thing of doing your deeds in proper way rather then getting worried about aging.
  • 25 is still young. 40 years until the traditional retirement age, although some people continue to work well past that for one reason or another. With Social Security falling apart, created at a time when few people lived past 65, working past that age is an economic necessity for some. Some of us enjoy their jobs enough to continue.
  • old!!! of course not... them are the best days... I am 33 now and I still don't feel old! Enjoy. Enjoy. Enjoy.....
  • mid twenties is when you start to feel more responsible, wondering about family. now is a good time to think about buying ten acres somewhere on the edge of town. a double wide and a 20x30 foot garage/workshop. and you are set for life.
  • May I ask, are you single? Can have something to do with it. I usually feel like this when I am single and the first time I had that feeling was when I was 24. regards
  • Woah, slow down old guy! You could be my grandfather...How did you get so fucking old? Holy shit! Wow!
  • When 25 I did not think I would make it to 40. Now I am 60 and looking forward to 120. We are go through that my friend. Hang in there the road gets smoother as the years go by.

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