• Yes, sometimes I do - if there are not too many of them. LOL I enjoy working in the garden outdoors in the autumn air. I mulch most of my leaves with grass clippings left over to build up the topsoil in my garden.
  • No, my yard is too big to rake. I have a Mow and Vac that holds around 52 cubic feet of mulch, which I tow behind my yard and garden tractor(44 inch mowing deck). It takes about six and a half hours to clean up my leaves and it will fill the Mow and Vac 3 times.
  • No I do not...that is what the kids are for..My granddaughter volunteers to do it so she can play in the piles of leaves.
  • i have a yard sweeper behind th emower it does most of the work, i do enjoy cleaning it all up. then when done the wind blows a gale and it looks like crap again.
  • I don't have a yard actually...

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