• Pink or White (potted) Tulips and that would really be great because I could have them planted in my garden. When they bloom in the spring, it would be like receiving flowers AGAIN! (YAY!) Hi Chris!!! How was your Halloween? :D
  • i prefer flowers, but id like a massive prickly cactus please haha!
  • I love plants. And, they last longer. I would get her a plant that is easy to take care of. Something that doesnt need a lot of light or water or food.
  • Venus fly trap.
  • Hibiscus. They're really lovely, no matter what the color.
  • Maybe a nice African Violet with pretty purple flowers. If not that, then a flowering cactus. I only have one plant that I have managed not to kill, it's called a Snake Plant variety. It sort of resembles a "birds nest". As far as how I would feel. If anyone gave me a gift of a plant, I would be gracious and grateful.
  • I would love it! I would appreciate any gift no matter what the contents, but I would prefer a potted plant because it would last longer than flowers.
  • I have a very brown thumb, Chris..Jim, on the other hand, is good with plants. I'd like something that could be removed from the pot and planted in the ground and not die from the shock of changing its environment. That would be a lovely memento of a gift from a thoughtful person as far as I'm concerned! :) ((hugs))
  • I was tired of gettign my gf flowers so last anniversary I got her a bamboo plant shaped like heart and she loved it more than flowers
  • i love both flowers & potted plants ~ any living gift is fantastic. i like potted plants because its the gift that keeps on giving (happy thoughts, oxygen, and cleaner air). my faves are the aloe plant, purple succulent, jade plant, mini palm, ponytail palm, lucky bamboo, orchids, bonsai tree, and rosemary tree.
  • As I said before, I would be grateful for any gift! Do I sound desperate?
  • I love plants, Chris. 21 and counting in the house now. Plus I have two lilac bushes that I liberated from someones yard a few weeks ago. They've been in pots for three years the guy said. They will look lovely outside my bedroom window in the spring!!
  • Anything I could plant in my garden. My cats seem to want to eat plants, so I don't keep any in the house.
  • I like many plants and wouldnt be upset...
  • I'll be as happy as receiving flowers.I love all plants as long as they are low maintenance.
  • I kill plants unintentionally, although I would appreciate the lovely gesture Id be a bit sad that it would die.
  • i would rather flowers thank you very much but if i was to get a plant i would like a beautiful bamboo plant
  • I would prefer a mother-in-law's tongue. It's the only plant I have had for years that didn't die in a couple of months. In fact, I water it maybe twice a year and it still grows so many offshoots that I have to divide it and repot the "babies" to pass on to my friends and family.
  • Oh I LOVE potted plants over flowers. I'd say a flowering cactus. Those are beautiful and low maintenance.
  • A potted plant would definitely last longer than flowers, which is a plus, in my mind. I would prefer either a silk plant, as I tend to "over care" for indoor plants and kill them off, or one that can be transplanted outside in the flower bed so that I could enjoy it every year, reminding me of the person who gave it to me.:)
  • Awww.. thats a sweet gift. I would love an orchid. However, guys if you are going to send your lady flowers send them to her AT WORK, so everyone else can see her get them. That is half the fun of getting flowers.
  • I have received potted plants as gifts, especially lovely orchids that live on and on for decades. I love gifts that keep on giving. Even just a flowering plant that lasts longer than the cut flowers is nicer than something in a vase. But the pot should be something nice looking, or in a basket or bowl that looks good. And a bow is a nice touch so it's obvious that it is a special gift:-)
  • I like orchids.

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