• It will need some new breakthroughs in physics for it to become so. However, there have been some suggestions, such as the Alcubierre Drive, that there might be new physics which could do it. The sober answer is "almost certainly not". The hopeful answer is "but just possibly...".
  • According to Einstein, no. According to Captain Kirk... Ahead Warp factor 6. Unless there's a very dramatic change in physics as we know it, the answer is no. The most promising potential means of breaking that barrier is Wormholes, which are envisioned not as faster than speed of light travel, but rather as "shortcuts through space."
  • Quite probably. But not within the limits of today's science and math.
  • Probably. Some experiments are already testing the limits.
  • We're working on it.
  • Never say never but it is highly, highly unlikely. There is very strong evidence that c is the ultimate limit.
  • Fact from fiction, truth from diction. I believe it already exist, just not here or known to people on earth. The way we look at it here is equal to people believing the world was flat. People could not wrap there heads around the thought that you could travel beyond the horizon and if you kept going you would come up behind where you were standing.
  • its called a tacion particle, i dont know how to explain it, neither does my physics teacher, its a theoretical particle that cant travel slower than light, i guess it completely bends space time, i cant explain it either, but there ya go
  • Traveling faster than the speed of light will freeze you in time! The only hope would be to engineer a spaceship that can surround itself with a cosmic bubble and somehow move the whole universe around it. That would be so hard.
  • It is actually possible but not probable. If we were to gather fuel enough for 1,000 years and start speeding up from day one, we would only have to increase our speed by 186.7mph per year which with inerta is mooooooore than possible. The idea would be to find a source of energy that we can squeeze and push enough without exhausting it to power some... 5-million nuclear reactions within seconds four times... 4 times?! Why you ask? Another thing to think of would be how to stop... You think that if you just stopped powering the engine everything would just stop? Nope, wrong... You're screwed buddy!! Look into space... Wait... There you are! Spiralling helplessly out of control forever and eve- Oh, wait! Damn, you just smacked into and through alpha centauri. Hahaha, anyways, my point about that was, inerta will keep you going till an equal force decides to stop you, so you would need to find a way to get your engine to stop you. Maybe you could - in your "few seconds" of travel - spin your ship around and apply the same amount of force in the opposite direction. To answer you question after this long annoying ramble, it's is reality, we just need to make reality easily do-able.
  • Step 1 - Make two huge quantum computers. Step 2 - Transport one computer to a distant location. Step 3 - "Copy" your conscious self onto one computer. Step 4 - Use quantum entanglement to make a second exact copy appear instantly on the distant machine. O.K. maybe it's not really you making the trip - but still! :]
  • There is no reason why it won't. Velosity is not dependent on anything that is in a state of movement. There is something called a slug that travels at a certain rate, light travels faster, and there are probable things that travel faster still. If faster than slug travel became a reality, then faster than light travel will also. :)
  • No, but there are loopholes that are worth exploring.
  • Only if space and time is bent in some way. Also, if you have an infinite power source, its very possible. That's only in the sci-fi movies though.
  • If my S/O were to call me right now and say come over there's a good possibility.
  • We have slowed light and even stopped it. Light is not what Einstein said it was. Plus, worm holes are now a distinct possibility. So, yes, I believe so.
  • I wouldnt think so...I would think their would be some huge glich involved with site.
  • Not unless we can stop destroying ourselves and our world faster than light

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