• any and all
  • I always answer to congratulate friends. Sometimes it takes me a while if I miss questions, but I always try to join the party. I like to congratulate users that are consistently kind and helpful and whom I have had good interactions with. For me, it always has to be a genuine effort to encourage other users to keep up excellent Bagging and acknowledge that the solid contributions to AB make AB such a great place.
  • I'll answer if I know the person. It's not about being on my friends list, that doesn't really mean much. But I don't answer if I don't recognise the person, or have never really spoken to them, because I'd feel like I was being insincere or something.
  • I congratulate my friends, not just the ones one my friends list, if I see the the question.
  • I answer for friends and for people that I see often even if I have not added them to my friends list.
  • Yes :)
  • I love to congratulate folks - but so far, I've done that with or for those AB'ers I know or at least, have had a few interactions with. Otherwise, it just feels a little funny ... sort of like crashing a party? Shoot, I don't know. If you think about it .. TONS of AB'ers here .. and we've all got a pretty wide range of folks based on number and kind of interactions .. from acquantances to good friends .. in our AB life. A full spectrum. Now ... On the flip side, sometimes I worry that there are folks I know pretty well - and would love to be a part of their congrats party - but for whatever reason, I manage to miss the post! Now, that would be embaressing. And they might wonder .. what's up with this? Why didn't xyz come to the party?
  • Neither. I answer congratulations questions for friends and people I have had positive interaction with on AB. If I don't know the person it seems to me that a congrats from me would lack sincerity.
  • I like to congratulate everyone i can get to on the day, because we all put the hard work in to keep on moving up to new levels, and everyone likes to feel special when they've done so well. :=D
  • Certainly not the first, and very rarely the second. These questions seem very pointless to me, except for the points they seem to earn the asker for some unknown reason.
  • Only from the abers I've interacted with and are already friends with.
  • I pretty much congratulate anyone for anything. Heck, it doesn't cost me anything and if I can bring a smile to someone's face, why not?;)
  • G'day Hawaii Jake, Thank you for your question. I congratulate all users. We need to encourage newer members and members who aren't as active as well as the well known people. It is the interaction with Friends that makes Answerbag such a great place. Regards
  • People I know, and like. Sometimes I might miss a thread, but that's not to be taken personally. :/
  • Here's what I do, h.j. If I don't know the questioner nor the person about whom the question is being asked, I don't respond. If I know the questioner, but not the person he/she is writing about, I introduce myself as a friend of "the questioner" and give my congratulations. If I know the person who is being congratulated, I add my congratulations as well, whether or not I know the person asking the question. :) ((hugs))
  • For almost all users.
  • i usually sends congrats to all.
  • I give congratulations to friends only, pretty much, though I might sometimes inform a new Sage that it would be best to stay a Sage as long as possible, because it only goes downhill from there.
  • Everyone deserves to be congratulated since they have made it. Being a sport is the best policy since you may also land up in the same place soon and have no one to say hello to if you refrain from your wishes!
  • I congratulate those on my friend's list, and anyone else that I know and have positive interaction with. I know some folks hate this type of question (because they think it's just asked to rack up points), but I think it's a nice gesture to recognize someone. I do find it obnoxious when people post a congrats question for themself (Hey, look at me, I'm up a level, gimme lots of points!). I avoid those 99.9% of the time.
  • Getting anywhere in AB takes work so I give congratulations to everyone no matter who writes the question.
  • I congratulate people I am happy for, mostly my friends and some that are not on my friends list but I know them well and care about them. If there is a new person and they have done well, I will also congrats them to try to be encouraging. But I don't do it for everyone.
  • I congratulate everyone, no matter if I know them or not. We've all earned a pat on the back! If I see the question pop up, I will always stop to congratulate the person. :))
  • Show me a party and i'm there. I'll drink to anyone's success
  • i congratulate all my friends and also other ab'ers who i know.. if its someone ive never heard of then i dont.

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