• Usually, the crazy person with the shopping cart is found in the street somewhere. Seen a lot less homeless since the new millennium, and a lot more house and bank construction.
  • Sorry I didn't know it was you!
  • No but I've had people steal my cart, full of food and everything.
  • No...Just when I would let my kids push the cart and always wind up with a bruised/skinned shin bone from stopping to check something but they didn't, I think every parent can relate to that type injury!
  • Many times. I call them "Psychos Gone Shopping." Watch out for them around the corners of aisles. There, with their "four-wheeled weapons," they round the corner swinging their carts at you, or just as you are coming out of an aisle, they speed by nearly clipping you. And they never bother to look at you. I get this a lot at Wal-Mart. No wonder the "door greeter" never smiles at people anymore. :(

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