• Consider the following questions: Can you see us going to the point where women are not allowed to vote? Can you see our society not allowing women to go to school? Can you see our society making it legal for parents to force their daughter to marry a man that the parents choose for them? Can you see us not allowing women to even drive cars? Can you see our country denying a woman the right to own property? Finally, can you see our country condoning a family killing a woman because she brought shame on the family? The answer to all of these questions should be a resounding, "NO!" In our society woman already have equal rights. Admittedly, we took a while to get here, but women are legally entitled to all of the same rights and privileges as men. If a woman feels that she was unjustly discriminated against, then she does have the right to sue for damages. Therefore, I would argue that the ERA would be superfluous in our society. On the other hand, you would have to answer yes to all of the above questions if you are talking about most of the Muslim countries. Therefore, women do need the protection of having these rights written in to the constitutions of Iraq and Afghanistan. This move will help to keep the women of those countries from having to fight the political battles that the women of our country had to fight for the same rights.
  • 4-10-2017 Why does the US care at all? Those people got along just fine without our influence and we got along just fine without being aware of them.
  • The Equal Rights Amendment isn't the answer. Even many women's groups opposed it when it was introduced and many still do.

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