• I think you should let him go. Its the right thing to do. He will be in a better place.
  • especially if he has an Advance Directive. Sepsis is when the infection overwhelms the bodys ability to fight it off, and enters the bloodstream. It is a very serious condition.
  • It is not inhumane. The doctors will usually stop meds that are sustaining his life but continue to provide those that make him more comfortable.
  • I don't think it is the man has had a long and hopefully happy and fulfilling life.He would probably ( im guessing here don't know actual mental state/health)would not want to be a burden or just spend pointless (for him) years as a vegetable. I think if he wants to (and obviously can make the decision to) that stopping the meds would be more humane
  • I think you should talk to the Md's about stopping the meds. Even on the meds, the bowel obs. and the sepsis will kill him but it will do it slowly and he will suffer. They can give him meds to keep him comfortable but once sepsis takes over, not much more to be done. He's lived a full life and you have to decide quality of life!! will he ever be the same? probably not. Eventually, he'll go anyway but talk to the MD about it. they can better advise you.

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