• Usually the cramping and the passed "clot".
  • If a person thinks they had a miscarriage the same day or the next day she could take a Home pregnancy test and it should still be positive because the pregnancy horomone that tells you are pregnant is still in your body. Another way is the blood clots or a little piece of skin comes out of your vagina
  • If a woman has a true miscarriage, she will experience bright red vaginal bleeding, clots, and tissue with severe cramping. I would suggest that you go to a OB/GYN doctor and have an ultrasound to confirm that there are no products of conception still remaining in your uterus. This is very important to your health.
  • to counter your question... if a tree falls in the woods and no one is around to hear it...does it still make a sound?...the answer will surprise you...ask it for your next question and you may get an answer... no it does not make a sound in order for a sound to be made an eardrum has to process the sound waves coming off of the object. hope this helped

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