• If you are worried about the pain, piercings aren't for you.
  • I haven't had a tragus piercing, but I have a monroe and a labret. Out of all of my piercings, they were my two most painful. Labret and monroe piercings are more painful because there more skin and tissue that the needle needs to go through and because they are in high traffic areas. Eating was difficult for the first few days with both piercings, due to swelling and general mouth soreness. The worst piercing for pain, for me, was the Monroe. That was very, very painful. It's a difficult and awkward area to clamp, and extra sensitive due to being reasonably close to your nose. When I had my monroe piercing done, the pain was so bad I almost had to have my piercist, Hannah, stop completely. Once it was done it also took longer to heal than my other piercings. The best thing to do to minimise pain and suffering is to really listen to what the piercist tells you. If you smoke, wash your mouth out afterwards with water. Keep the area clean and sterile all the time. Don't play or fidget with your piercing and DON'T change the bar before the recommended time. SM-33 medicated numbing gel worked miracles when I got my labret pierced. It's anti-bacterial and also numbs the area for up to 3 hours. This was really helpful when the pain became too much to tolerate. I get an awful itching feeling around my piercings at first - SM-33 was a godsend. Piercings are going to hurt - there's nothing you can do about that. I think you'll find, generally, the pain will be a lot better than you expect or anticipate. Good luck!
  • i got my lip pierced 7 months ago and it was completely painless. in fact, i hardly had any problems and it never got infected. however, the ball fell out a few times and i have a few really funny/scary stories about that. the last one i had fell down the drain (literally) when i was washing my face one morning and i had a job interview so i decided to not put another one in right away. i tried to put one in about a week later (yeah, i forgot about it since i hardly felt it before), and it was closed. IT HURT WHEN I RE-PIERCED IT. it wasn't too bad but it was a bit painful and it definitely bled more than the first time. the reason is that it was starting to heal and i irritated it by getting it done again. the piercer said that the scar tissue would always be more painful and it was true. so my suggestion is, get it pierced by a professional and make sure everything is clean and sanitary. i put salt and water into a small spray bottle and i spray it about 3 or 4 times a day, on the outside and inside. i use mouthwash twice a day and rub the outside with alcohol swabs. also, i keep my hands clean whenever i touch my mouth and i try to avoid foods that are thick in texture or hard to chew (so my ball won't fly out of my mouth). once, i was eating chicken fried rice from a chinese restaurant and i was chewing a tough piece of chicken and my labret opened. i was left searching for the ball (literally) in my rice. not always so appetizing hahaha GOOD LUCK!!!
  • Don't do either. Take your money and buy some EE Bonds. I promise you'll be happy with the decision ten years from now.
  • industrial piercings hurt more than tattoos. labret piercings aren't that bad.
  • well i just got my industrial done a few days ago.. and that was my 2nd painless piercing i've ever had done.. and i have 16 all over! my labret hurt the worst.... gahh it sucked my b/f got his labret done the same day i got my industrial and he's like.. he didn't even feel a thing... it just depends on the person and just where they can tolerate the pain

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