• I can't say I know of a religion that professes this or advocates this, but it is a belief and a false one. It is just one of those things that attract attention, for they are starved for the limelight and spouting apocalyptic nonsense is the de facto method of getting what they want. I think the world will end in 2009, or at least the world as America knows it will end, should McCain lose.
  • I only have vague, hearsay information on this, but supposedly some think that because the Mayan calendar ends in 2012 that is when the world will end. Christians would know that's not true because in the Bible it says no one knows when the end of the world will come. It will come as a "thief in the night."
  • I thought it was gonna end in like 1988 or something to who was the dummy who decided that. I know when I went to church that morning I was told that was the highest ever of baptizings & people getting saved on that day. Just can't remember what day it was now but it was in that book 666 & the mark of the beast I think was what it was called.
  • The Mayans, Nostradamus, Einstein and yes, recently, NASA.
  • I dont know but its an utter load of rubbish!!!
  • Ah....nobody told me...
  • Notre dam or some name like that lol
  • We took a vote. It was gonna be 2011, but someone (we won't mention any names, Mark) had a few movies they hadn't gotten a chance to see yet so we postponed.
  • The Mayans as well as other psychics,including Edgar Cayce,and Nostradamus predict the ending of the world as we know it.The prophecies are not specific in their meaning.In other words it many not mean the end of mankind,such in a nuclear war,nor the destruction of the earth from some catastrophe,nor the coming of some savior,but could mean a major shift in consciousness that causes the world to alter so much it is unrecognizable to most.It could mean the old ways would be dead,thus the old world would end and a new one beginning.It strangely coincides with the next presidential election.
  • Dr. Ruth. My 2 cents.
  • It is how some people add up the years of prophecy in the scriptures of several religions including Christianity as well as the Mayan calendar and several other old religions/cults. But, it could just mean that we have a new heaven and a new earth by definition and perhaps achieve a new level of understanding our place in the universe. Or then, maybe it will all just go boom.
  • it was norman frye
  • as far as im aware the mayans, but hey..
  • The ones who carved the Mayan calendar.

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