• Us Middle class and Poor People;)!!
  • Those who least need and deserve it, apparently.
  • The elderly pay for medication and health care. And to make sure they are eating right.
  • Americans. (Presuming you mean the government of my country, not a different county or all countries.)
  • the economy. If this means helping big business, so be it. Sometimes, that's what must be done in order to provide more jobs. Right now, globally we are in such serious difficult that having more jobs is essential. I'm hoping that then Obama can implement his plans to help the working poor and what are left of the middle class.
  • The middle class, we are being wiped out.
  • Themselves to our money. Apparently it is politically correct.
  • the mental health of those who, though they can, for the most part afford it, are going to vote for a ticket that has the Moose Goddess.
  • The people. But the process of doing such a thing is how we differentiate, and also people differ on who classifies as a "special needs citizen" so to speak.
  • Veterans and their families. So many of them pay a heavy cost, if not the ultimate sacrifice and being properly assisted afterwards in only right.
  • Young and elderly. Too many people prey on them!
  • Education. We are so far behind the other nations in the world in this regard. Something like 1/3 or more of our kids don't graduate high school. We do very poorly on tests, when compared with the students of other countries. Without education, we stagnate. Educating requires teachers. We need to value them, honor them and pay them. Happy Wednesday! :)
  • Spreading God's love for humanity through charity, and Humanitarian efforts in the Congo. - Donnie "GodROCKS" Glax
  • the homeless.
  • You're very welcome, and thank you, too:)
  • Those under that particular government first, then go abroad. Always take care of home first.
  • ... the political leaders which habitually exclude American citizens from sharing a voice in our government. The U.S. Government promotes discrimination based on race, gender, disability, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and recreational drug usage. When the U.S. Government wields a policy of hatred, there is a surge in violence and hate crimes. Today, the acceptable targets are drug users/abusers, dealers, and others connected with the manufacturing and sale of illicit drugs. Let us remember that if the government legalized drugs, there would be no need for the general public to stream American dollars to another country. There would be a dramatic reduction in criminal behavior.
  • with affordable healthcare for all.
  • The Ewoks. They live in huts and have to hunt and grow their own food. It is deplorable. Seriously they should spend money to eliminate welfare. Require that everyone who has the ability to work, do so, and if they make less than X amount, subsidise them until they are Y amount over X amount in weekly compensation. If you make it beneficial to have a job, the lazy bastards that won't work will make an effort. There are those who have trouble finding work, and that is ok, but to get any benefit you must be willing to take any job.

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