• Yes just about every time she went out!!
  • He expects me to wear mine, so he should wear his. But he does work in the trades and having a ring on could be dangerous so not at work.
  • always as i do .
  • My wife and I wear our rings 24/7. I would ONLY remove it to get it resized, for medical reasons - surgery, x-ray, or MRI or the like - or if I worked 1) where it would be dangerous to wear, 2) where IT could be damaged, and I would put it back on when I could. I believe she's the same way. Of course, if my hand swelled up (fat or damage), I would remove it, too, but that's "medical", right? ;-)
  • Yes, always. The only exception would be if it could cause injury at work.
  • After the ceremony, it should be glued on his finger. The only exception is if his finger got cut off.
  • I think that if two people are married they should always wear their wedding bands, unless they have a good reason not too. Such as work related issues, accidents whick result in it having to be removed or if there is a medical emergency, such as surgery, and it has to be removed. If 2 people are committed to each other, then they should wear the ring with pride. People who remove thier wedding band for no good reasons are saying they are ashamed of being married or they are trying to hide the fact. I hope this answers you question honestly.
  • Yes, I would want him to, unless his job prevents, like works with machinery, and could take his finger off, I have seen that, its not pretty.
  • i am married and i find rings of any type to be downright uncomfortable. i have a wedding band but do not wear it at all. i am married and trust me, i don't need a ring to remind me.
  • Continuously with an exception for safety issues.
  • Pretty much all of the time, but especially when out without me!
  • I figure it's his jewelry and his body, so anytime he wants to is fine by me :)
  • Hopefully after the wedding ceremony.
  • I would expect him to wear it at all times. Otherwise I'd just staple our wedding picture to his forehead!!
  • All the time. My wife and I both do. The only time we don't is when we shower/bath and go to bed. I have to rest my finger, I kept it on 24/7 when we first got married and I got fungus under it/peeling skin. It's a wide band and I have to take it off at night to let the finger stay dry for awhile. I know, it's weird!
  • I think that it depends on how important that particular custom is to you and your spouse. I would wear it except when a particular activity makes jewelry unsafe.
  • yes certain things owuld make it so you would need itoff. butwalking around or going to work where it wouldnt be a hazardi would say always
  • Neither my wife nor I have that expectation. We're both fully aware that we're married and have no trouble telling others that we are. I have enough essential junk to take with me whenever I go out without concerning myself with unnecessary accouterments.
  • always. i feel that if it's that important to me to show and be proud of my ring and what it means, i'd like him to be too.
  • Yes... and lots more. If you want low expectations go out with a drug dealing gangsta.
  • First I ask my self what is wearing the ring for to make a statement to say I married keep a way for this you do not need a ring. I my self do not wear a ring my Husband has never worn jewelry in is life, and I only when I go out to a party etc and not all ways then. So I put the trust in my Husband and he in me not in the ring it is easy to take a ring off. You have answer that someones wife finds it easy to find other sex partners each to there own I do not judge. we have been married 16 years, you can all ways look but do not touch this is how I see it. cbl
  • You know, I always had this romantic notion about wearing my wedding band, even though I was in a dangerous occupation. Almost losing my finger (that would have been the most favorable outcome) made me re-think the whole thing. This happened several times until I told her that the darned thing had to come off or I just might not make it home in one piece. Insisting that someone who has a dangerous job wear their ring all of the time (why?, so the other guys won't hit on him?) is evidence that you either have no clue about how dangerous some jobs can be or you just don't care if you've got a one armed husband as long as no other woman ever looked at him before his disfigurement.

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