• Sort of. On "Short answer" questions I would frequently write obscenely long, wordy answers. I also did this on the rare occasion during a math class that we were required to make up word problems. Additionally, I often made the teacher regret not setting a maximum number of pages on papers. Either I was very good at them, or the teachers never bothered to actually read what I wrote, because I never got any points marked off.
  • Yes, but only by being me. I never went out of my way just to annoy them.
  • NO, your better off in life. If your freinds with your teacher your better off
  • Not at all. When I was a kid, I was all about respect and discipline. My parents were strict and I went to a private, Catholic school for my elementary years. Based on my experiences as a child, it never even crossed my mind to make life harder on anyone.
  • Yeah. I would do a lot of obsessive-compulsive stuff like seeing how far I could bend my pencil before it snapped and disrupted the whole class.
  • Yes it was a mutual thing and i felt i should participate in it ... to the best of my ability.
  • Yes, but only the ones who were faking it.
  • I had a crush on my English teacher and I couldn't avoid sighing everytime she walked by. At first she was very happy about it, but when she noticed other kids realised she started to kick me out of the class.
  • When I was 14 or so I became really mouthy. I gave my teacher Ms. Nelson so much trouble. As the years have passed and I've grown up I really felt bad about it. Fortunatly, I ran into her at the store the other day. I told her how sorry I was about it. She said she did't remember me being that way but, thanked me anyway. But that was the only age I was difficult for my teachers.
  • Yes. Occasionally, I had to correct them on things. Like, when my American History teacher claimed the Civil War was about Slavery. That killed an entire class period in argument. ^_^ But he was wrong, so he deserved it. The Civil War was about Slavery like the Iraq war is about 9/11. Pfft.
  • Yes..My biology teacher..I used to point out every time he was wrong on a subject..LOL :)
  • Ooooh, yeah!
  • Yeah. Probably, but the teachers I did like, I took care of. Even teachers can learn a few things from students.
  • Thank you for a much needed laugh ! I was taught by nuns starting in the 1950's. My answer is no.
  • Yes. I always ask a lot of questions.
  • Some of them. It depended on the teacher. If the teacher was an ass. Yes. I did. But I was very selective of who I tortured. I was a great, straight A student, but I had and have issues with authority for the sake of authority. If you don't give me a reason to respect you, I'm not going to just sit there and take it.
  • YES! I was a real pain in the ASS. BUt I had such a good time doing it!

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