• no, but i think i might know someone who has..
  • Why don't you ask BAM and Rflagg.
  • Interesting quesion. I am embarrassed to admit this but: I fell in love with a woman in Russia, of all places. Belarus. It was a total disaster! It turned out all she wanted (turned out to be common, but I did not think of it at the time) was to get married so she could get out of Russia. Then she would have divorced me soon after if we had married. It took me about $15,000 in plane fares and gifts and 6 months of my life to find that out. At least I found it out in time. I felt so stupid.
  • yes it was so embarrsing when i askjed when where he is from and he is from asia
  • Yep. Still am
  • I know 3 couples that are married from on line as well as couples that have moved to live with partners>ot from dating sites but just from chat rooms
  • eeeh wasnt love i dont think. awhile back i was talkin to a soldier in iraq for about a year or longer online, while he was stationed over there. when he came home we ended up dating for a few months, but he had a hard time dealing with things so we went our seperate ways. now a year later, and me having a boyfriend, he has been contacting me tellin me how he wishes he could go back and change things. and wants to try again if my boyfriend and idont work out. dont know what he is up to or anything but oh well. thats my story. oh yeah i also dated another guy i met offline, but we had some of the same friends (in real life) but he turned out to be abusive and one night flipped out and choked me and threw me around and spit in my face. after that i havent dated anyone from online.
  • Yes, I fell in love with a professional writer/author from England, whose picture I never saw. His words were so wonderful and we wrote multi-page e-mails every day. Nothing dirty, just getting to know each other. Then I went out to England to meet him and poof, the fireworks totally went out. We just weren't compatible in person, only in e-mail. But it was an interesting experience, and I still write to him once in a blue moon.
  • I can't say I have fallen in love with someone on the other side of the world. But I do have affections for them.
  • In the year 2000 I fell in love with someone 4000 miles away in the States over the internet. We talked and emailed a lot and I brought a plane ticket after giving up my job and saving all the money I could and flew to Chicago to meet this person for a first date.Somehow I managed to put my whole life into this meeting ! Expectations were so high things happened but 11 days later reality came crashing back down when she said she didnt have the same feelings as I and I couldnt stay anyway because of my visa. I remember calling her at the airport several times but it made no difference - it was over. It broke my heart and it took 14 months to heal from this painful, yet beautiful and teaching experience. It is worth remembering that you are not actually falling in love with the person online, but rather you are falling in love with the idea of being in love with this person, for one cannot really fall in love with someone if you have not met them.
  • I met the love of my life almost four years ago online. He wasn't on the other side of the planet, but we were in different countries. It's been one obstacle after another.
  • Back before I found out what true love is. And how true love is way better when it's mutual.
  • My parents met online. And I met a guy online from Puerto Rico (I live in NJ) who I am madly in love with and I'm going to meet him this summer.
  • Yes, I have we met online about 5 years ago. He was from New Zealand. We both were teachers and hit it off quickly. We e-mailed everyday. We shared all are intermost details. I fell for him hard. We talked about me moving and he told me about jobs at his school. We chatted quite a bit. However due to distance and time I guess, he no longer could do the relationship. My heart was broken. I just recently found out he had married and is expecting a child. I must admit I still have a little bit of sadness about what never could be.
  • yeah i have fallen in love with a woman from America i got a lovely message from the model on myspace she seemed nice she saw my web cam on yahoo, she would evenyually ask me to do stuff on the web cam, i eventually gave in i did it once. she never spoke too me again. she would tell me that she loved me and that she would move to the uk too be with me, i have not heared from her in about three days not sure what is happening. i feel such an idiot.karla;(
  • Yes, and I still am!
  • ... I was the photographer at a wedding of a friend of mine ... she is from here in Montreal, he was from Devonshire, England ... they met online ... ... My distant relative from Norway met a guy online, took a warm vacation to the South Pacific to meet him, fell in love, and married a man from a small island in Micronesia ...
  • Yes, i fell in love with someone in Canada, and got my heart crushed for it x
  • Odds are.
  • 12-19-2006 No.

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