• Sometimes the underdog comes is the best dog!
  • Interesting question. The underdog bit worked for him before, didn't it. I think he is losing by too much and it is too late to close the gap. So, my final answer would be no -- he will run out of time.
  • Underdog or not Sarah Palin is crazy. She was governor for 2 years and already there are abuse of power scandals. She says she's pro-life, but says she respects her daughters decision to keep her baby. She wants me to think she can run the country when she can't even keep her underage daughter from becoming pregnant. Not to mention if it was a democrats underage kid being pregnant by an adult, we would be hearing about how they approve of child abuse. Sarah Palin, left the town of Wasilla, population under 7,000, in multi-million dollar debt. Irresponsible as Mayor, Corrupt as Governor, and Scary as VP Nominee. Sarah Palin, wrong for Alaska, wrong for America, kinda hot for a pitbull in lipstick.
  • He'll probably have to make something up (again) like: John McCain--Rape Victim. Or, John McCain--Against Killing Puppies
  • I doubt it..we shall see Rosie... PS We're canvassing in NH for Obama for the third time this Sunday Rosie...things seem to be going well toward holding NH once again
  • I hope not.
  • No, I don't think it will. I really think they went to far with the attacks.
  • Nope. He is so done..... Go Obama!
  • Underdog? What! Hes no under dog. Hes got so much money he doesn't even know how many houses he owns. Its at least 7, depending on which time of the day you ask him. And to chew the fat, I think a real Underdog would be a 3rd party candidate like Bob Barr or Nader (if hes running again).
  • I remember reading an article awhile back from a strategist - it was two or three months ago. He said that historically McCain does best when he's in an underdog situation and that he thought McCain would perform better if he were 5 points or so behind in the polls. I'm not sure if that guy is right or not, but he called this situation to be McCain's strength, so I'll be watching interestedly to see what happens.
  • McCain: Will personally hunt down Osama bin Laden in a hot air balloon and then fuck him in the ass until he dies. Nah. Obamabiden FTW.
  • I don't know, but it's refreshing seeing McCain on the defense for a change. -
  • NO. He made himself the underdog.
  • Don't count your chickens yet, my little friend. Remember, this time in 2004, Senator Kerry thought all were sold on his "plan." He lost. President Grover Cleveland lost his reelection bid by winning huge popular votes, but falling flat in the Electoral College leaving pride of Indiana Senator Benjamin Harrison the victor. He won the following election, giving him two spots in the list of Presidents. As a side, on inauguration day it was raining out. Grover Cleveland and President elect Harrison rode on a horse and carriage together. President Cleveland showed respect to the incoming President by holding the umbrella over their heads. If a same or similiar thing happens, do you think that Senator Obama would show that kind of class? Really, be honest, what would your opinion be for this?

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