• I don't know if it is a defect or a blessing, but my nose was replaced with two elephant trunks.
  • I was born with a hole in my leg. Yes, a tiny little needle like hole in the centre of my leg! It doesn't hurt, its just kinda cool! :)
  • I was born with a bit of my ear sort of folded in on itself. Nobody ever notices though.
  • This one is for real: When I was younger, my sister, who's 3.5 years younger than I am, threw a BBQ grill scraper at me and it hit me right in between the eyes. I still have a scar and could've been blinded.
  • I was born with scoliosis, double jointed (long ligaments enabling me to pop bones out of their places) thumbs, pinkies, shoulders and hips. The scoliosis hurts me when I sit up straight for more then an hour and I can't lay on my back without it hurting. My left shoulder is 3 inches higher then my right shoulder and I would be 6' 2" right now, but I'm only 5'8". With the double joints, sometimes they accidentally pop out when I'm lifting something heavy or moving around quickly which causes me extreme pain for about 15 minutes. When I break dance I often hurt myself because my arms or legs give out.
  • I came across a similar question here:
  • Are a caustic tongue and a quick temper defects? If so I suppose my answer must be yes I am doubly afflicted> I do realise they are not physical defects but I was born with them and my birth was an accident
  • Numerous scars which by some miricale are actually fading! (except the burns and the whip one, but hey can't have it all) They are from numerous self abusive idiot times and from a certain arsehole in my family, but hey. Birth... I have 2 webbed toes. Very weird
  • The tip of my left middle finger is a little crooked from the time I got my hand closed into a folding chair.
  • I was born with 11 toes but one was cut off by the doctor. I still have a giant scar on my pinky toe. It has moved from the very end of my toe towards my foot over the past ten years. Weird huh.
  • A scar from a cigarette burn on the back of my left hand (don't ask) and a birthmark on the back of my neck that's generally covered by hair.
  • Um yea my knee has gravel in it still and has a huge scar where they put staples and did surgery on my knee. Now I have to wear a knee brace most of the time ant still going to therapy so I can run again and it hurts really bad in the winter. I also have numerous scars from that wreck, and many other scars.
  • Just a mild case of self inflicted brain damage.
  • I went blind in my right eye and deaf in my left ear as the result of a horse riding accident when I was 10. I have a large birthmark across my right thigh and I used to have a smaller one on my back but it turned into melanoma (78 stitches and three months later it was gone). Gall bladder removed when I was in my 20's. In the grand scheme of things I've been pretty lucky.
  • I was born with a bit of the top of my ear missing. It looks a bit like someone (or something) bit a chunk out of it. Also, don't have as many teeth as I should have on the bottom row.
  • when i was born i had no left hip socket, so i was put in a metal brace that held my hips in the splits, becasue of that my legs are always a bit turned out. I also have a hideous scar on my knuckle where i burnt down to the bone.
  • I've had scoliosis all my life - discovered when I was 6 months old. When I was 10, my surgeon removed a piece of my pelvis and fused it into my spine. I have a 14-inch scar down my back from it.
  • My ankle is super swollen after an accident I had. It has never gotten back to its normal size.
  • I have vascular tumors....... they say they are from birth. They grow... it sucks b/c they hurt like hell often. However, they won't kill me. So, I deal. It would be so much worse to be slowly watching your life fade. My fav cousin has MS. It is rough. Amazing how knowing an angel can make you a better person!
  • All from injury; Hands are bad, various broken bit (both thumbs loads of fingures) but the best is when I drink a pint with my left hand my little finger dislocates and sticks out (think Englishman drinking tea), doesn’t even hurt any more! Also I have a scar on my right wrist where I broke my wrist, didn’t know and had to have it operated on to re break it into place. Actually riddled with scars and broken bones come to think of it!
  • I have some wrecked joints and scars from motorcycle accidents
  • i have a scar on my arm where i had 16 stitches i used to hate it but now i dont care, it happened a long time ago so its faded a bit now. i have 3 tiny scars on my stomach from a operation. 2 tiny scars on my finger where ive had stitches oh and a chicken pox scar.
  • my ribcage has a dent in it and it has been giving me trouble breathing so i have asthma
  • Nothing from birth. I have a small circular scar in the middle of the top of my left foot, right below my toes. When I was little I was running around my neighbors yard while my parents were talking to them. They had left their hedge clippers out on the lawn, and I ran into them. Stabbed my foot right on the point. I didn't even tell my parents, I just went into our house and sat on the counter, and washed it out in the sink. I was doing that when they got home. They still think it's funny that I didn't tell them when it happened. The only other thing is a small dent in my forehead, right in the center at my hairline. That happened when I was about 6 years old, I was riding my bike and I turned my wheel to sharp and my bike quickly fell over, smashing my forehead into the pavement. I had lots of gravel picked out by the hospital staff, as well as lovely bruise and 2 black eyes for quite some time. The only permanent effect is a small dent in my skull, that you can feel when you touch it, but pretty much cannot see.
  • yeah I have a collic (I think its kind of like a small bump) on my right part of my head up by my hair line. I was born very late and I had already had a bowel movement while I was still in the womb and I apparently inhaled some of it so I was in intensive care for a while and some sort of device was placed in my head or something. I don't know exactly what.
  • My right leg turns out at the hip (myself, my mother and her mother were born with the same thing) and I had a brace as an infant/toddler -- lovely clunky "baby's first shoes" with holes drilled in them to anchor the brace. Also, found out I'm missing the bony protrusions on the back of one of my vertebrae -- the lowest lumbar.
  • I have a large scar on my lower back. I was squatted going through the cabinet under the bathroom sink. The shower door had opened up behind me. As I stood up, my back caught the bottom corner of the door and it took a chunk out of me. Oh, and my right knee gets achy often ever since I messed it up when I fell off a boat a couple years ago.

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