• Most video files that were not purchased from an iTunes store or created / converted using QuickTime will not run on an iPod, which plays .mov and .mp4 format files. Most programs that extract video files from a DVD will store the video data in a VOB file (Video OBject) or in an MPEG-2 file, the video format of a standard DVD. These files need to be converted to a format that can be used by the iPod. The iTunes program can convert some types of files, but you will need a copy of QuickTime Pro for most conversion tasks. More information can be found on the Apple website at: - -
  • You will have to Rip the DVDs. Most commercial movies are protected so you will need the aid of a questionable software. Look up "Rippers" on the internet and you will surely find some.
  • i put them on my mp4 player
  • use dvd shrink first, the format factory to cnvert them.

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