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  • Go down on him a half an hour before you are ready, and THEN start foreplay. That will give him plenty of time to recover-guys don't get multiples, so it may take him a bit of time, but the end result has always been worth it to me, and my man.
  • First off the longer you make him hold his load the harder he will cum. Don't get him to the point of frustration though. To drive him crazy find out what usually puts him in the mood and tease him with it. Like touch him places or wear something sexy so by the time your cloths are off that night he wants to ravage you.
  • Not all men will let you do this but... Play with his butt. Massage his prostate. Stick your fingers in there, use a toy, or make him finger himself while you go down on him. I've found than having anal stimulation while waiting for conventional means to get me off, make the actual orgasm hit like a sledgehammer. The orgasm I get with anal stimulation is a ton more intense than by any other stimulation. If he's comfortable, give it a shot. he will cum HARD when he does release.
  • Ok this is what i do. You go and put a condom on him, then have play time. Get him to finger you while your jerking him off. Then start to have sex a little then make him pull out. And start the fingering and hand job again. What really works best in my opinion is to have sex with him and be on top and right when he is about to cum slow it down and just ride hard but soft and slow. HE will have several mini pre orgasms. And then right when he is not expecting it. Start slamming on his cock. It usually makes him roll his eyes way back in his head. (= good luck
  • Flirt with him all day long. Wear something sexy. Make a point of having a lot of incidental contact with him during the day. Tell him how horny you are and how you can't wait until later in the day when you have time to be alone. If he tries to jump start things early, don't let him. Once desire is at its peak, go forward with some of the suggestions already posted. In particular, I like Molly M's suggestion except for that mind-blowing orgasm, don't bring him to completion. Get him most of the way there, then cut him off (for a bit). This drives me crazy! My wife will often times do a strip tease and masturbate all the while telling me how badly she wants me to fuck her. There are a couple of warnings that go with this. First, after all of this, I don't last very long, so make sure that you have gotten yours first (although I am often excited enough to go for a round 2). And second, there will be a lot of pressure and a lot of semen built up for that first orgasm. Unless you have a thing for cum, I don't recommend finishing off with oral.
  • Very ez, just start getting nude slowely, hug,kiss him all over, hold his dick and rub and massgae like wild girl, tell him to fuck your anal, then he will shoot a load of cum, then feed yourself.

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