• None, trained them from 12 weeks to not scrach and to let us clip claws as well.
  • She peed on a cat bed she didn't like, but other than that, she's been pretty good. Haha.
  • My kitchen chairs, which have black leather on the seat and back rest. They wasted those, so now they're covered up by these chair dresses I got. They don't ruin anything anymore though, they now have this huge scratch post, one of those with all the toys and crap hanging off of it, and a little house to sleep in. They never use the house though, they sleep on top of it. Freaks. I had two smaller posts for them before, but they made quick work of it, and the current one is starting to look like an abomination. :/
  • My sofa and loveseat!! it was brand new too!!
  • None. It was already ruined by the cats at it's former home (2nd hand). The cat merely maintains the proper level of ruinedness.
  • I would skin a cat and weave into into my car seat upholstery before it did that!
  • None. We have a spray bottle we use to discourage that kind of thing. Works great!
  • Not any furniture but a ton of clothing. Now that he is fixed the problem is gone.
  • None by scratching... One white couch is stained...but it's not her fault she got sick :(
  • Plenty!!!!
  • 2 sofas but he's smart he only scraches after we have gone to bed.
  • One bookshelf.
  • nly my computor chair lol but i dont mind cse while they are destroying that they are leaving my leather seatee alone :)
  • Not one item.
  • It's not too bad. Nothing is ruined, but they do love to scratch on one oriental rug and pull out the tufts. And they have on occasion scratched in the armchair of a sofa, those bad kitties. What they'd rather do is use the door posts which are made from 1x4 white pine, and we do have to replace those on occasion.
  • The cats haven't ruined that much furniture. My son has far outdone them on that front. They have ruined most of the carpeting in the house though.
  • not a single thing.
  • One loveseat and one sofa.
  • One chair (still smells funny and is stained a little) and a cat bed.
  • dont have a cat but My dog has ruind a realy cool belt I hade my phone charger, and a couple of chose and Socks( I dont know how he gote in to the drroer)
  • None! And we have a leather couch, lots of plants, and a $7,000 dining room set. The key is to get your cat interested in a scratching post, and to keep his nails trimmed. Scratching post: Rough rope is better than carpet. Nothing fancy, a standing post is perfect, but make sure it's tall - ours is four feet, and Henry stretches his full length to claw the top ropes. To get him interested, try these: 1. Find a fresh catnip plant (can often find these at the local grocery store). Rub several leaves firmly into the rope fibers, as much as you can. This goes a long way to getting your cat in the habit, with little other work 2. Before feeding him in the morning (or evening, whenever you give him wet food), claw the post yourself. Sounds silly, but just get the ropes in your fingernails and scratch enough to get a good sound going. Make sure your cat is watching you; chances are he will try it, also. Make him wait for his food, drawing out your scratching in hopes that he will. But if he does scratch, reward him right away with a pet and his food 3. Don't try to force his paws onto the post... contrary to some beliefs, this will turn him off to the scratching post and make him resentful. Make the scratching post a positive event. 4. If your cat is young, a kitten, playing with string or feathered toy in front of the post can 'trick' the kitten into scratching the post. Stop wiggling the toy if the kitten starts scratching. Usually the good feeling of the scratching post will distract the kitten from playing, and eventually he will get used to using it Trimming the nails: You'll see fewer shedded nails lying around the carpet if you keep them trim every week or two. Be VERY careful when you trim... only trim the very tips. If you look closely at the nail, you'll see an inner, pinker area. DO NOT CUT this far back. Just snip off the tips, straight across. To do this, get a helper, or sit the cat in your lap so you can hold him firmly. Pick up the paw, and press gently on the pad. All five claws (four in the back) will extend. Use special trimmers from the pet store, or normal nail trimmers will work just fine. Don't twist the nail while trimming, and try not to get any hair in the snip. If your cat is disturbed by this, speak softly to him, let him know all is well. He will probably want to know what you're doing to him; let him sniff the trimmers and speak to him softly to let him know they won't hurt him. Afterwards, give him a pet and a treat. :)
  • I am an antique dealer and used to have a home filled with expensive some valuable Victorian antique furniture. I never once had a problem with my cats and I usually had 2. None of my cats has ever been declawed either. Once I had 4 because I was fostering 2 and no problem. The people who do have a problem have not taken the time to find out how to prevent their cat from damaging furniture. It's the owners fault, not the cat. Cats do what comes naturally and the owners need to learn how to deal with that responsibly without making the cat suffer through the horror of being declawed
  • I've had cats all my life and never had any of them ruin furniture and I don't believe in declawing. I do believe in training cats and figuring out solutions to avoid ruined furniture. It can be done.
  • Clothes basket, 2 chairs, 1 couch and a loveseat. She loved to admire her destruction, LOL.
  • Lets see...He managed to get inside of a love seat and rip all the cushioning out....scratched up another love seat, currently will no stop scratching the one corner of my box spring and mattress...chewed the cords off of 4 sets of blinds to the point that they no longer open and closed right....chew the wires completely in half on 4 or 5 cell phone chargers...chewed the string off of my hoodie sweatshirts, ate them, then had a REAL bad time getting them out the other end....thats it for now but i may have some more to report soon! LOL!
  • My new kitty has ruin a few divider, scratched my dresser, blinds..etc But, i still love her! WHO ME?

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