• Imagine that your country had been invaded and taken over by the armies of a coalition of other countries. Now imagine whether most of the citizens of your country would want those forces in your country and you have your answer - it's just common sense.
  • In all my talks with SOS's (Soldiers over Seas) they've all said 2 basic things. Number one that the Iraqi people are greatful for the removal of sadam. And number two, that we've overstayed our welcome. Immagine if at the end of our revolutionary war, if the french had stayed for years. Dictating to us how to establish our government.
  • well i don't know how anyone can speak for a majority? maybe if your so concerned you should inform yourself more on the canidates and their veiws instead od letting the people on some web site make up your mind for you. the internet is a great tool for that if you go to the right sites. if you need a push in a direction i would say democratic. don't get caught up on obama or mccain it's more to do with their parties and their agendas. hope i could help.
  • I believe that we need to stay in Iraq because we started the war to begin with. We just found some excuse to attack Iraq. We need to finish what we started. First of all, the war was illigal (I know I spelled that wrong), because there was no authorization from the UN to invade Iraq. Since it was illigal we need to totally fix what the hell we started. Two, if we leave Iraq, there is a HUGE chance that Iran will try to conquer Iraq, because if we pull out of there now while they are still like fricken disassembled with no military and no correct form of gov't, Iran will conquer Iraq. Now if you're hating gas prices now, wait till they're fourteen bucks a gallon. Lastly, we need to stay there because if we leave, Al Qaeda (spelled that wrong too) will not only respawn there, they will THRIVE. Since they were the first problem of the initiation of this "war on terror" we need to cut it by its head. Although most people don't want to stay in Iraq, it's necessary to keep Iraq stable. (all this from a fourteen year old.. xD)
  • sorry that answerbag is your only source of info. you should read the statement at the bottom of the page titled "IMPORTANT"

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