• No, she is your father's clone's daughter. Or your clone cousin.
  • It doesn't but it should damnit!
  • no, shes your cousin, still offliits for dating
  • genetically, if your dad and his twin are identical, then yes she would be your half sister (genetically), but really on the family tree she will always be your cousin.
  • No, just your first cousin
  • Genetically, yes. Realistically, no. I do know of a case where identical twin brothers married sisters. Some of the cousins looked much more similar to each other than they did to their siblings.
  • No, she's your first cousin. However, in many states she's STILL not legal for you to marry, in case you had any designs on her.
  • Thats cute - I never thought about that - nope she's your cousin.
  • No she would be your first cousin Twin siblings have no effect upon other relationships in families
  • I am a twin too, that does not make my daughter my nieces half sister. Your dad's brothersand sister kids are going to be your cousins. Your mothers brothers and sisters kids are going to be your cousins. And so forth down the line. Your mothers brothers and sisters kids kids are going to be your 2nd cousin. Being a twin or a triplet does not change that fact. In order to be your sister or half sister they need to be childern or YOUR PARENTS, because you share dna with your mom and dad however she shares dna with her mom and dad. Your dad and his brother and still two diffrent people. STAY IN SCHOOL
  • She would only be your half sister if your mother is also the mother of your dads twin brothers daughter. Otherwise, she's just your first cousin.
  • No, she is your cousin. She would be your half sister if you two had the same mother.
  • no but genetically kinda. lol. thats funny. is your dad an identical twin because thats the only way it would matter as far as DNA goes. but no, she's your cousin. identical twins, formed when one fertilized egg splits, are the only people in the world with identical DNA. Fraternal twins, on the other hand, are formed when two different eggs are fertilized. Genetically speaking, fraternal twins are no closer than normal siblings, sharing only about 50% of their genes. Although identical twins have the same genotype, or DNA, they have different phenotypes, meaning that the same DNA is expressed in different ways. Traits determined by phenotype, such as fingerprints and physical appearance, are the result of "the interaction of the individual�s genes and the developmental environment in the uterus." Thus, a DNA test can't determine the difference between identical twins, while a simple fingerprint can.
  • ...What? No, she's your cousin. On a genetic level, you two might be nearly as similar as half sisters, but definitively, not close enough to qualify. Your father and your uncle might share a great deal of the same genes, but they are not the same exact person. Your cousin was not seeded by your father's sperm, so she is by definition not your half sibling.
  • half the time
  • she is your cousin.. as everyone here has already said :)
  • no jst cousin..
  • ...She's not your sister. At all. Even twins have slight genetic disimiliarities. By your rationale, all cousins would be half siblings. Your father is not the same person as your uncle. I know it seems that way, but they're not.
  • first cousin=]
  • only if both of ya'll share the same mother.
  • No that would make her your cousin - unless dad was messing around with your aunt at the time...

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