• Because it's new and mysterious. If you made it yourself, you know exactly what's in there, and you've been staring at it for ages already.
  • Stolen bread is sweet. Ask Aladdin or even Abu.
  • I always like it better when I make it. I know exactly what's in it, how it was made, and the fact that I did wash my hands.
  • Because someone else made it.
  • I personally like my own cooking better, but to answer your question I guess it would be because you didnt have to slave over the stove to prepare it.
  • I enjoy my own cooking as well :)
  • You never tasted my cooking quite obviously.....
  • I can see 2 reasons for this phenomenon - 1) Love. When someone else takes the time and effort to cook something for you, that screams of love. That love is what makes all the difference in the world. 2) You're rested, relaxed, and not still rushing from trying to get everything taken up just as it gets done (hopefully all at the same time), so you're eating more slowly and paying attention to the flavor. Also, you've been smelling it cooking all this time and it's got your appetite worked up - cooking it yourself does that for you somewhat, but not nearly as much as sitting in the recliner smelling it and wondering what's in it.
  • You must not like to cook!
  • Change of taste is the main reason
  • I guess I'm the exception to that rule. I am a Foodie..I love to cook..we rarely eat out. I love my own food best! Why? Because I know how clean the kitchen is, I know exactly what the ingredients are, and I can cook to our taste. I don't have to worry about some cook with a cold sniffling in the food..nor receiving anything too greasy or too salty or loaded with preservatives! Happy Wednesday! :)
  • I don't think it does. I'd rather eat something I have cooked. Maybe I'm just enjoying it because I'm surprised I can even cook something that tastes good.
  • I enjoy my own cooking! I like other people's cooking sometimes, but I guess I have become a bit of a food snob.

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