• Tell him you're insecure 'cause he wont answer the question !
  • Has he ever cheated on you before? If he hasn't or he hasn't gave you a reason for asking then maybe you need to just let up on asking him so much until you see a reason like him flirting or hanging out with certain girls & trying to ignore you when they are around or something like that
  • You should tell him he is right - you are insecure. Has he given you reason to question him?
  • Two of my old boyfriends said the same thing to me, turning it around on me that I didn't trust them and I'm a horrible person for thinking they would do such a thing. Yeah... both of them were actually cheating. Cheaters are liars, too. It goes hand in hand.
  • Why do you want to know if he's cheated in the first place?
  • Accusing a partner of cheating is very serious. If he is, then confronting him is important but if he's not, you can understand that this would be very hurtful for him. Do you have any proof that he is cheating? Definite proof? Or is it merely a whim? Depending on the situation, he could be right or you could be. It depends...

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