• I usually hang up right about then. It's rude to call me on MY time and ask ME to hold for YOU.
  • I ALWAYS hang-up on those idiots! THEY should PAY ME for MY TIME! Thanks for asking your Q! I did my best to answer it. I hope the information helps. VTY, Ron Berue Yes, that is my real last name! Sources: Some personal observations and opinions. "THE University of Hard Knocks" Also known as ("a/k/a") "life's valuable lessons".
  • Yes!! And you know what's worse? Getting that same treatment from a company trying to sell you something!!!!
  • Now we in Ontario (maybe all Canada, not sure) can put our names on a 'do not call' list...and telemarketers may NOT call us to sell us something. One trick I did was if I got a call asking me to hold, I put the phone down and walked away....they can wait for me. Then, when I picked it up, if they were there, I said 'Sorry, wrong number" and hung up. Downside is that there are a lot of folk going to lose their jobs....hope they can get something less soul-destroying!!

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