• Computer, three clocks one which is on the microwave, and two lights. Also, I keep my Slasher-Tron 2000 on at all times, to keep me safe from random psychos. ^_^
  • 4 computers 1 TV The slow cooker The veggie steamer 2 Alarm clocks The Kettle
  • 3 computers, 2 tv's, one dvd, microwave, kettle, 4 alarm clocks, 1 other clock, 2 lights, and I'm sure there are others.
  • the fridge is ahead of the rest and has been running the longest... my computer is old and slow and the washing machine is just spinning in circles. The wheels of steel are a close third, even though i have not spun them much today and who cares about the contenders who did not place.
  • 1 computer 2 TV's 1 giant digital clock 1 weather station 200 watt amp for my computer speakers 14 CF lamps 1 satellite receiver 2 VCR's - just clocks 1 Westel DSL box 4 UPS's battery backups
  • A PC and a stereo radio. Oh, a refrigerator.....No, the heat/air is not on. I don't need it right now.
  • refrigerator clock on microwave clock on stove night light ceiling fan in living room Fish tank-50gal 1 40CF light PC & monitor UPC backup scanner printer fax 5.1 Dolby surround sound night light ceiling fans X2 alarm clocks X 2 (bedrooms) regular clock in house are all battery I think that pretty much covers it from front to back, as you can see which room I'm in
  • My computer My refrigerator My coffee pot My cell phone I don't like or need clocks so I do not have any. I don't need any heat or ac unit as it is a nice day.
  • The computer, the telephone the microwave, the refrigerator, the tubelights the fan and the washing machine.
  • Maybe the refrigerator is bu I do not know. I'm elsewhere (but not St Elsewhere)
  • Using? Computer and TV. Plugged in..everything else with a plug except the coffeemaker. :) ((hugs))
  • Right now, at this very moment: - 7 fridges / freezers - 1 laptop PC - 1 desktop PC - several external USB drives and devices - 2 table lamps - 1 clock radio - 2 ultrasonic pest repellents - 2 microwaves (not cooking, but on) - about 4 UPS devices - various TV / Tivo / hi-fi equipment, mainly in stand-by mode - 1 cell phone signal booster
  • Coffee maker, TV, computer and refrigerator. A quiet morning so far.
  • Computer, bedside lamps, tv, refrigerator and 2 ceiling lights and 1 clock.
  • Fridge, Lamp, 2 alarm clocks, PC, 2 Cable Recievers.
  • electric dryer television laptop desktop monitor floorfan.
  • 2 computers 2 flatscreen monitors 1 router 1 UPS system 2 space heaters 1 refrigerator 1 television 1 DVD/VHS player ( Not countring all the phones and powered toothbrushes, etc., that are simply recharging. )
  • One computer, one monitor, one refrigerator, and one electric water heater.
  • 2 computers. fridge I have a pot of water on simmer on the stove. TV Stereo for sound on TV Furnace (not often enuf for my taste) Oh, and a light because I can't stand to look at the computer in the dark.
  • PC fridge Heater 2 lights radio alarm clock, just clock on stove clock microwave clock thermostat time/temp vcr clock cable box clock telephone has lights lit

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