• you answered your own question as far as the current drain on a battery. the .12 amps is your normal drain. if your going to let it sit for more than a few days, should disconnect battery. Even when car is off, the batter still powers things like alarm, sensors, clock, computers, etc.
  • 120 mA is very high for parisitic current draw. I have done this kind of testing for GM. Normal currnet draw would be 10-20 mA (.020 amps) But. It may take up to 20 minutes for all systems in the vehicle to "Go to sleep" You need to connect a jumper wire AND the amp meter with the meter on the mA setting. The jumper wire will conduct the current and keep the meter from being damaged. Turn everything off, (disconnect the underhood light if it stays on) close the doors and then walk away for 30 minutes. Then when you come back, disconnect the jumper wire without disconnecting the meter. Now the meter will read the parisitic current. Disconnect the meter before turning anythin on or you may destroy it.

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