• Everyone needs a broad based education. That is what your core is. The fact that I get a degree with a major doesn't mean that I will be doing that work the rest of my life. The core prepares you more for life than you think.
  • The whole point of a college education is to educate people. If you want a vocational training school, then you should enroll in one. Here is a link to some information for you; your career, your way:
  • Because colleges are sending you into the world to use their name in your professional life, and if you're an idiot they look bad. Plus more classes means more money.
  • Most colleges only force you to take a few credits of math and English other than the classes that have to do with your major, because math and English are required for almost every job.
  • I have always said that. It's just another way for them to get more money basically. I think they just forget the crap not related to your major and let you take more courses related to your major. for example--if your major is psychology. why waste time taking college algebra and art when you can take an extra 48-72 hours of counseling classes or behavioral classes. It has nothing to do with being "well rounded".
  • So that you will be 'well rounded' in your thinking and not just in the field you want.......the mind needs to be stretched beyond what WE like....sad to say, but true.....

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