• I just don't think spanking your kids as discipline is the same thing as physically threatening harm. See this almost-similar answer, if you'd like: Spanking is a routine form of discipline that is a predictable outcome to a situation. The child understands the negative reinforcement and has control over whether or not spanking occurs because they understand that this is a punitive action. This is not the form of disicipline that I endorse, but it is important to establish in my definition of "spanking" that it is not erratic; is systematic; and is not about venting parental anger -- it is only meant as a response to a behavior. Any violent physical striking besides spanking constitutes hitting. Hitting is not predictable. This is not a reinforcement to a negative behavior. It is an action intended for the sake of the action. The child never knows when to expect this type of physical treatment and can not control when it occurs. Hitting is scarier and reflects more on the parent *wanting* to strike the child -- versus only wanting to discipline the child. Hitting reveals an aggressive streak in the parent and is the ultimate instrument of controlling children. Parents who hit infuse their kids with a sense of fear that never goes away. I don't believe spanking is hitting in that children receive this physical striking differently. They feel different; they have different intonations and placements in society. Nevertheless, I frown upon negative reinforcement and believe that both are acts of violence. For me, personally, I would rather foster positive reinforcement, respectful relationships, and I want my kids to never be afraid of me.
  • The way I see it: sometimes, spanking is necessary. Do it only when needed, and be careful not to actually injure the child. My father believed in spanking, but he used a belt, and was a terrible aim. I got spankings in the middle of my back more often then the rear end. In a perfect world, you could discipline children without getting physical, but sometimes it takes a small amount of pain to get the point across, especially in the early years.
  • I spanked my son, now 21, a total of two times. I hated to do it, but it was necessary. Children need love, direction, and correction. Sometimes, if you love your children, you have to give them correction so that they can follow the right direction. Spanking should never be the first correction, but it should always be there as an option.
  • All spanking is hitting, but is all hitting spanking?. The thing is, it is the last resort after all avenues of rationalizing with the child has failed.
  • yes, spanking is hitting, as are slapping, punching, striking, thwapping and flicking. they are subcatigories of the word. the "ignition" in your car is an explosion, as are the detonation of; tennisball bombs, pipe bombs, fireworks, TNT, C4, TATP, nuclear warheads, and the very operation of the sun. not all explosions are bad, neither is all hitting.
  • I am a mother of three. I have to be honest smacked my kids before..I told my two year old not to go into the street several times, but at one time I looked away and there was a car coming and he was in the street!! I ran like a crazy women and smacked his butt! Then I gave him a big hug!!! I would never condone beating a child..but sometimes they do need a little smack:)
  • Spanking is discipline. It should be the last resort or to enforce life and death lessons that the child is not learning in other ways. I am not ashamed to spank. Spanking is not abuse, nor is it hitting.
  • I agree with you. Spanking is physical harming and If I have a child, I would never spank him or her. I rather use any other sort of punishment like no TV tonight, or you won't have sweet after dinner (of course it differs according to the age of the child).
  • the Bible emphasizes on "the Rod of discipline". personally i would use something like a little stick to punish my child so that the child will fear the "stick" . I will never use my hand to spank my kids coz our hands should symbolize love and affection. do i make sense?
  • Yes spanking is hitting at a basic level, but then there are different levels of hitting from spanking to punching someone, its degrees. The term spanking I think makes it acceptable to people. I am not putting down spanking nor am I advocating it, merely answering the question asked.
  • The law [depends on country] generally allows spanking, as long as it's applied for the purpose of discipline, and is conducted with 'reasonable force'. Of course, that reasonable force clause is up for debate.
  • Spanking, smacking,hitting is all abusive. Parents who do it are abusing their children. My view..not popular with those who use it as a tool to control their children..not popular with those whose parents spanked them and they say "look at me..I got spanked..I turned out just fine"! Well, no you didn't if you spank your didn't turn out just became a child abuser just like your parents. Happy Monday! :)
  • Spanking is a swat on the butt for corrective action. Hitting eployees leaving marks be they permenant or long term!
  • i agree with you, my parents crossed the line when it came to that it didnt stop at a spank. so i madesure i was different with my kids, i dont hit them at all. i ground them or take the tv away for a few days, it works just as well.:)
  • Spanking is hitting I agree with that. I also believe in spanking. I do not think that it scars a child for life and that it is abuse. I love my children and I do punish them in other ways instead of spanking sometimes but they are times when they do something that at that moment they need a spanking. To each is own, as long as the child isn't being abused, it is nobodys business except for the parents.
  • In my opinion, spanking a child who is out of line IS acceptable! "Spare the rod, spoil the child." When it comes to physically and emotionally abusing an adult such as a spouse, partner or significant other, if that person does have the sense to pick up a phone or somehow get a message to someone on the outside of that relationship, he or she will continue to be emotionally abused. No one out here is a mind reader or psychic. There may be suspicions of abuse, but if that person is in denial or doesn't want any one to be of assistance with that situation, there's absolutely nothing anyone can do. AND UNLESS the abused adult brings the problem to light what goes on behind closed doors is no one's business but the people who are behind those closed doors! PERIOD! When it comes to "something different" during foreplay and lovemaking, spanking IS acceptable! In some instances, I understand it's terrific! Thanks for asking your Q! I did my best to answer it. I hope the information helps. VTY, Ron Berue Yes, that is my real last name! Sources: Some personal observations and opinions. "THE University of Hard Knocks" Also known as ("a/k/a") "life's valuable lessons".
  • With spanking the intent is to punish mentally. When you hit or beat someone the intent is to do physical damage yo...
  • Of course spanking is hitting. But not all hitting is assault. Sometimes it is discipline. Sometimes it is foreplay. Sometimes it is a game or sport. Sometimes it is something else. Spanking is a controlled, measured response that is never done in anger, never with loss of control, and without inflicting physical injury. It works best only when its use is the exception rather than the rule, and is of limited effectiveness once kids get into school age. As their mental faculties and maturity grow, more effective ways of getting their attention become available.
  • Great question , I remember spanking my lilone in diapers and him looking back and laughing at me. It did not hurt him half as much as it did me. I like to think we can reason with kids if we can speak their language. There are a lot of different approaches that we can do rather than hit. I think that hurts the spirit. We dont want to break the spirit but the will.
  • My meanings of spanking verses hitting Yes spanking is hitting. But Spanking is only on the rear. You dont spank a back, you hit, strike or slap a back. I would hit my child by means of spanking on the rear only. This does NOT include the back and not on the legs either. The only type of spanking that I think is ok is one done in a calm manner on the rear. Not hard enough to leave bruises. Only enough to get the childs attention and enought to leave a memory so they will have something to think about next time and to try and teach them to learn to do good. A parent when disciplining should always be thinking of the child and not ones self, no matter what type of diciplining you use. We shouldnt correct a child when we are mad. And we need to remember that the goal isnt to stop bad behavior, but to promote good behavior. If we think about it this way... It is easier to teach a kid that you want them to tell the truth then teaching them that you want them to stop lying. Then they will have a positive thing to work on instead of a negative thing to stop.

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