• They are team builders and trainers who develop strategy and people for the purpose of moving a product to market and into the hands of the people who need it. There are many ways theyb accomplish their goals, but they must be motivaters, organizers, trainers, coaches, strategic thinkers, and cheerleaders for their companies and products.
  • A sales and marketing manager plans and executes the company's marketing strategies to boost sales so as to meet the sales target projected by the top management of the company.
  • Hey! That's my job:-)
  • Often Sales and marketing are grouped together - but the functions are different. Marketing in a nutshell is getting your word out there. Working on a message that will generate leads, bring brand awareness and create PR. Sales is the tool that utilizes the effects of that marketing campaign to generate revenue for the company. Marketing creates the Buzz - the Sales Guy closes the deal and brings the $$$ home. Often they are different departments, but sometimes its grouped as one.

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