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  • I don't think yelling does anyone any good. I used to get really mad at my ex, but now I'm in a relationship where we actually discuss things instead of yelling. That means cooling off and thinking about what you are going to say instead of just saying them as you think them, because doing the latter is what causes you to regret things you might say in the heat of an argument.
  • Yelling is never the proper way to express oneself.
  • It's never okay!
  • Only if you're yelling at s/o first.
  • Only when he's not yelling ABOUT me, we both raise our voices when we're upset and I understand - as long as he's not belittling me or yelling about me, then I know he's just venting
  • He can yell if I'm far away and he needs to get my attention. Other than that, not so much.
  • there is no excuse for that - if he cannot talk proper then he should not say anything
  • It's never ok to yell at anyone..
  • It's not going to solve anything by yelling- why people yell? B'cos they are experience stress- stress causes alot of anxiety- your blood pressure builds up, your hearts pumps wildly, the pupils get wide open but your brain vessels narrows to a point of exploding so you YELL! then to your amazing if you do that somewhere in the mountains you kool down. But if you do that in front of another being you transfer that negative vibes to the person or the animal. That would make a negative reaction- to get positive reation we must be aware of our own stress level and how to deal with it without transfering to the next and making the problem get worst and not better.
  • it is pointless, but frusteration can cause it. I typicaly get that frusterated when my wife sidesteps logic with something which doesn't negate what I have said over and over again. when things get pointless and she won't let the argument die I start to yell.
  • When she is far enough away that it's the only way I can hear her. Or if I have my headphones on and don't hear her when she says my name politely the first few times :)
  • i wouldnt stay with anyone who yelled at me, its degrading
  • I think it depends. I mean if the person is just yelling at you and degrading you then yes it is wrong, but if the person is yelling at you during an argument and you are yelling back then id say it's perfectly normal. My fiance and I rarely fight but when we do we are usually yelling and most of the time it isnt even over anything, its just us releasing some steam :)
  • If he cant say anything nice, he shouldn't say anything at all! Mine yells at me and i sometimes yell at him too, but that doesn't do any good!
  • Most of the time, no. However, if your s/o cheats on you, that'd be a reason. Also if your s/o is paying attention to something else, gets out of your car, it rolls downhill and runs over your mother/a little kid + your s/o was paying attention to makeup/shoe sale (female) or beer/football (male)....just to make things worse. -That would be a pretty good reason to yell
  • He can but he better run.
  • Only if he's sreaming "Look out!" because something is flying at my face.

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