• The best way is always networking, but if you're new to the job market, you may not have much of a network established yet. For entry-level jobs, cold-calling and just asking for job applications is usually the best way. Otherwise, you can apply over the Internet to jobs on,, Hotjobs, and the like. When you apply to these, try to write a meaningful cover letter that shows why you would be a good fit for the job.
  • Something it may help you to know is that I have never known a single person get a job as a result of applying to an ad in a newspaper. The best way, short of knowing people in the right places, (which up to a certain point in your career can be as much a matter of luck as anything else), is to approach companies you would like to work for (either in person or by letter) let them know your skills and experience and ask if they have any oppurtunities available. This impresses companies more as they believe that you actually have an enthusiasm about working for THEM, rather than just needing a job and applying for the first thing you found that you could tick all the boxes for. If you don't hear back, by all means pester them, it works! Even if they have nothing at present they will often keep your application on file for future oppurtunities, and you may be able to get some feedback from them on the kind of person they are looking for and strive to become more like that person. For example, if they say they prefer their applicants to have a knowledge of Russian, you could start to learn Russian. Also, always make sure your CV/ Resume is relevant to what you're applying for. When I worked in the hotel trade we had a lot of students come in looking for part-time waiting, reception or housekeeping jobs. Most spent the majority of the CV saying how good their school grades were, how they were president of the football team and that they spent a year travelling India- most of these 3-page potted autobiographies went straight in the bin- an employer doesn't have time to read through all that irrelevant information- what we wanted to know was whether they'd be any good waiting tables/ dealing with complaints/ cleaning up puke. If what you've done isn't relevant make it seem relevant- say that your time in India helped you to develop skills for communicating with a wide variety of people, for example, and you feel this would be useful when dealing with a wide variety of customers in a busy hotel. Above all, remember that no-one owes you a job- you have to show them what you can do for them. So don't slop into a company in your jeans say "Have you got any jobs?" (reply : "What kind of jobs?") "Oh anything, whatever really." and don't make your only question in the interview "What's the pay like?". Make it look like you can do something for them, not that they owe you a living!
  • have a good attitude and work hard.
  • Look in the newspaper.
  • Networking is by far the most effective method. Other methods include career fairs, newspaper, internet sites, search firms, etc.
  • Classifieds in the newspaper or
  • Go to the site its a great site that pulls up ALL the search engines down to the minute the job was posted. You can look by state, job and/or salary. Good luck:)
  • get off your ass
  • Going out and fill out applications
  • In the present times it could well be being socially active online if Resumes have become out dated. A well developed personal blog or website goes a long way in letting the prospective employer know about us. As also our profiles on social network sites.Not to forget perhaps even Twittering. Its become more about being found by the employer.And also about being original and creative.
  • There is no magic formula, you just prepare well. Whether you are a student, beginner, experienced or senior, you must be well prepared. Therefore, you receive regular application rejection letters, it is very demotivating and demoralizing.
  • I don't know. You tell me!
  • It's all about who you know. Learn to network.
  • One piece of advice regarding sending out resum
  • The best way to find a good job is Classified, News Papers or other online platforms.
  • If I knew that, I would have one.
  • social site
  • 2-26-2017 It depends on the job. If "anything" will do, then walk down the street, go into every door, and ask if they need some help. If you don't get some work before dinner time, that section of the town is dead. That is the only technique I know. I always worked through agencies and everybody in the business knew me. If I was available, one of them would say "I know him, he's hired."
  • The best way to find jobs through online job portals like peeljobs, Monster, naukri etc. Where the recruiters contact them and post their requirement in those job portals. So who are willing to get job they can visit job portal and find your job.
  • Find online! or if you want a direct answer to your question. Prepare yourself, get out in there and do the job hunting.
  • Get out and beat the bushes until you find the job you want.

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