• There are 5??? God that's where I went wrong
  • 1.Physical-No health all waste. 2.Mental-Intellect and just thinking takes you a long way. 3.Moral-Adhere to ethics to a point its possible. 4.Financial-Sadly the overwhelming power now a days. 5.Spiritual(Optional)-But makes your streangth spearheaded with faith.
  • The same ones needed to be "successful" in life ( however you choose to define that ), and there are only three, not five: Focus - the ability to narrow your attention to one particular thing and keep it there for as long as it takes to comprehend it. Intensity - the ability to bring all of your energy and attention to bear on that upon which you focus. Perseverance - the ability to continuously and/or repeatedly bring to bear focus and intensity to the point of problem resolution.
  • Organization Focus Good study habits. Don't be afraid to ask for help. Determination to succeed.
  • Determination, Confidence in yourself, Finances, Great friends to prop you up in times of need and the drive to want to better your best.

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