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  • well, molestation is more of someone touching someone else in inappropriate parts against their will, when rape is when (in most cases) the female, is having intercourse against her will.
  • molestation is a form of rape. it involes a victem to be under the age of 18. molestation is often confused with statutary rape. statutary just that, a rape or sexual misconduct agaist the minors will. molestation is sexual conduct of a minor requardless of the will of the minor. In most cases, the individual state will determine witch the case is..depending the parties,the age and the will or ablily to have will of the minor victem. ie.. a 14 year old girl raped by an older man is "usally" statutary rape where as a 7 year old girl unable to cry rape for the lack of knowledge is molested. ( this "usally" is done by friend or family members)
  • Molestation is anything sexual you do not like, reguardless of age. A 20 year old who has someone grab his/her privates, who does not like it, is molested. Rape is intercourse against the persons will (male or female) Statuitory rape is intercourse between a minor and an adult. Reguardless of if the minor "consents" because of the consentation of a minor not being legal, it is then considered without consent, thereby being called rape. (even if it isnt the psychologically and physically damaging rape mentioned above, though in alot of cases it is) E.G.- An 18 year old and his/her 15 year old significant other have sex. They both wanted it. The 15 year olds parents find out, they can charge the 18 year old with Statuitory rape, as a 15 year old is not old enough to consent to sex.
  • Really there is no age difference to the question. Sex can be 'consentual' between two people, but because one of the persons was under the legal age of consent, it can be classed as rape. Rape can also be claimed by digitial, oral or penile/ virgina intercourse or inserting into the virgina, anus any item. Where one person is under the legal age of consent and/ or is forced onto them without their consent. Molestation on the other hand, is being touched or felt in the sexual way that you didn't want. If you look in a dictionary under molestatition, you will find a non sexual meaning to it too. It means to annoy. So if you read that into it, all parents molest their kids, as all kids get annoyed, by their parents. If you tickle your kids, nag them to clean their room, empty their plate, whatever, it means that you have molested your own children. Think about it???
  • Ok, how about this answer then. Rape is entering the virgina, mouth or anus of anyone one else without their consent. You may not penetrate or force any item into any body cavity of another person without them agreeing freely to it. If you were to insert your finger into anothers anus, virgina or mouth, against the other persons agreeing with it, you can be charged with rape. If a person touches you in a sexual way, such as feels your boobs etc, or places their hands down your bra or pants, then that is classed as molestation if you did not agree to it. Like in a crowded train, should someone reach out and touch a ladies boobs, or a boys penis, then that could be classed as molestation. Molestation is touching or being touched in a sexual way, where rape is the act of penetration, without that persons consent.
  • Rape involves intercourse.

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