• No. The limit should be removed entirely.
  • I would like to see it removed entirely. I hate limits.
  • I realize that if there was no limit, some friends would just uprate each other constantly to level up each other. I think it should be raised, though. The DR, in my opinion, should be done away with completely. Too many folks don't use it to show an answer isn't helpful, they use it out of spite and hatred.
  • I honestly don't know how many we can give right now. I just give them out until I run out. I doubt the staff will change it .
  • I'm relatively new here and didn't know there was a limit, so I guess I don't think there should be one. But, I definitely agree with the other answer about the DR's - they need to go away. The only ones I have had have been because I had a different opinion and not because of a bad answer.
  • Well, those who can only give 1-3 points per answer already can UR about that many times. For those of us that can give +6, we can only UR a user a few times and although I sometimes use my ratings for some people, I just bookmark the Q or A and get 'em back the following week! I suppose I can understand why the policy exists as some people would probably just go around URing all of their friends and thus negate the “fairness” of the site.
  • I haven't run into this problem in a long time (unless I become friends with someone new and start purposely answering their old questions... then its a problem...) They should raise it a little because of teh sheer amount of points some people can give...
  • Yes, I would certainly utilize 35-40 ratings per week for users who are very loyal to my Q+A and who consistently provide quality contributions to the site. These are friends that I would love to show my appreciation to by acknowleding their answer with the points. I agree that it has to be capped somewhere, or else it would be abused. I also agree that perhaps the ability to downrate could be removed. After all, we have the ability to flag spam, offensive material, and nonsense. If the content does not fit those qualifications, what exactly is being downrated?
  • Yes I think so.

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