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  • Not wrong, per se, but I do think you're getting yourself worked up over nothing. So, He looks at porn online. Hell of a lot better than buying it from the store, he's saving money there. But I don't think I've ever met a guy who can honestly say he's never so much as taken a tentative look-over at internet porn - frankly, honey, it is as normal as normal gets. As for Maxim - Well, if he wants to read a second rate lad's Rag that steals its jokes from the Newsletter, let him. It doesn't harm anyone, and on top of that, if you said to him "Which do you prefer, the women in the magazine or me?" chances are he's not going to say "Well, That depends on which issue you're talking about."
  • You really shouldn't feel that way.. Every guy watches pornn or looks at a magazine that gives him a hard on.. It's not as if he was cheating on you in any way.. Feel better..=]

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