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  • Really good green marijuana.
  • I always thought that chronic meant crack cocaine mixed in with your bud. making a CHRONIC BLUNT yea
  • Chronic is bud with high THC levels witch results in a good high. The more THC the higher u get.
  • Ok... Basically hemp has about 2% THC, Schwagg 5-7%, midds 8-11, and chronic is generally considered to be anything with a THC content higher than 12%, however some marijuana plants go as high as 24-25% so "chronic" is a very wide category.
  • Chronic just means really good smoke! Usually refered to as hydro.
  • Edit due to ignorant negative rating: The information below is presented as MY knowledge and experience, it is from my frame of reference and therefore may differ from your knowledge base. This term, used in the way I have presented, is standard slang. Please do your research before giving a negative rating. Also please be sober when rating. >:) End Edit Another common meaning of chronic is someone who smokes very habitually or large amounts of marijauna. eg. Snoop Dogg is chronic. ;)
  • Chronic is not just a plant that contains more than 12% THC. We'll start out with a little background lesson here. The marijuana plant has both male and female parts therefore it can reproduce by itself... no other plant needs be present for marijuana to reproduce. The male plant itself contains very very little amounts of thc similar or less than that of Hemp. The female portion of the plant is what contains all the thc content. Now if you have ever yourself owned a bag of chronic you will notice, compared to stress or just regular bud, that there are no seeds whatesoever... well maybe one. This is due to the fact that while the plant is growing they go and begin to trim out the male plants so they cannot further pollinate the female which in-turn results in a higher thc yield giving the user a greater high. So in short chronic is a plant that is grown and at certain time the grower goes through and begins to clip the male buds out, which is why there are no seeds in a really good sack of chron. There are also your intermediate yields.. some call it baby chron but all it is, is a premature chronic plant where a male plant was missed and so it seeds very little, in this you will usually find 3-4 seeds a $20. On another note... stress is just another name from your every day average buds
  • Chronic is a strain of marijuana, just like haze, blueberry, and kush. It does not mean weed with high THC percent. Just like hydro doesnt mean good weed either. Hydro stand for hydroponic which is the cultivation of plants without soil. [url=]This is what chronic is[/url]
  • Chronic is mad good bud yo! Or it's known as "hydro." Baiscally it just has a more higher leval of THC in it because there are no male parts of the plant in it. So all in all it results in a "great high." I personally love it.<3 Emily Easton.

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