• The answer to this question USE to be simple: you MUST be married before you have children, and you should have as many as possible as soon as possible. Since marriage became less important and medical advances increased infant survival, things have changed. The best answer I can give to this question is for you and your significant other to do what feels right for the two of you, and not worry about any "shoulds" or "oughts."
  • having a religious upbringing I use to say yes BUT I had my son without being married and had I not had him, I never would have had kids. I had to have a hysterectomy when he was 6 and so now at 37 I am still not married and will NEVER have anymore kids. had I followed that teaching I would never have been a mom. I think you have to follow your heart on that. I was raised in a 2 parent home and it was Hell..I would have been much better off raised by just my mom..and I bet you will hear that from a lot of people. Just because you are married doesn't make you a better parent.
  • I don't care, honestly, but I get sick of people who have kids with people they have no intention of staying with. If you have a kid with someone, the law connects you to him/her for 18 years. Marry, don't marry, just ask yourself beforehand whether you really want to be connected for the next two decades.
  • Your marital status should have nothing to do with your decision to have a child. The real question is: Are you ready and willing to put someone else's needs before your own regardless of whether or not you have a partner to support you?
  • Yes, at least a year or their should at least be a house, careers, and two cars in the picture before you start having children.
  • Yes. A stable, two parent family is very important for the upbringing of a child. Not to mention the abilities of the parents to support each other as well. You don't get these in a single parent family. My wife and I waited a couple years before starting our family. By the time our first one came along, we had been married nearly three years. I already had a long term career in progress and was quite able to support my wife being a stay-at-home Mom, which was what she wanted to be when we started having children.
  • It depends on what marriage means for you. You should be ready, in your head and in your heart, because this is necessary.
  • I don't believe I'm in a position to dictate what people should do. However, if I had the choice: I would force people to have a maximum of 2 children per married couple. If a child was born out of wedlock, then that child would be aborted. Population control. I don't feel like having future generations starve to death because we keep encroaching onto farming land.
  • yes - 2 years
  • Yes, at least nine months. We waited thirteen years, so maybe split the difference.
  • I think it is the right thing to be married before children... but I dont think it is bad to have children out of wedlock!!! I was single when I had my son... and 3 years later I am still single!!! I think in my situation it was the best thing to be single
  • I think that question is tough to answer because each person is different. I personally would never have a child out of wedlock..I am very old-fashioned. There are those who don't care one way or the other. It has to do with religious values sometimes..moral values..the way you see yourself in the world..what you consider to be "right" for you. The main thing is this..a child deserve to be no "accidents" please. Some unmarried people are more loving and faithful than some who are married..the certificate doesn't make magic happen..the two people do. But I do think the child's best interests should be the most important thing! :)
  • I think so. Children deserve an intact family if at all possible and that legal protection that marriage provides is just extra icing on the cake. How long should they be married? Ideally at least 10 months so the children don't count backwards and get upset (like my oldest did.) However, I'd recommend a couple of years of marriage before children just for everyone's peace of mind.
  • I'll get married before I have sex, that's for sure. But before I get married, I must get a vasectomy because I never want children.
  • no marraige doesnt matter. you should have money though, so that the taxpayer doesnt have to foot the bill for everybody elses children!!!!
  • Anyone bringing a child into the world should seriously consider the best interest of the child. A stable environment, with the resources to support a child for a life time (yes, they will be your children for the rest of your life)is a minimum consideration. A stable, longterm relationship between the parents is a definite plus.

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