• A bit of a gruesome question but it's really hard to say. I guess I would have had to been there.
  • i'd do what i can to stay alive!!!
  • Yeah, if I was on the first floor. ;)
  • No I would not have. If millions of people were watching their tvs would you jump out and drag the morale of your people to the ground. Everytime you see that kind of footage you feel bad (Or if your a sicko you giggle) so why would you do that to your family. Of course fire sucks too so I don't feel a lack of respect for those that jumped.
  • I don't think I would have jumped. I would have tried anything from climbing down a level to smashing through windows and walls to avoid the flames.
  • None of us knows how we would react to an extreme situation until we are in one. Let's just hope that none of us ever have to make that choice.
  • Wow....This is a question I was planning to ask a few weeks ago but forgot about it. I don't think I have the courage to jump from a building. I think I would have stayed there, trying to breath as much smoke as I could in order to pass out and die from smoke inhalation. That's what I have in mind while sitting on this chair, on a cool evening, while there is peace and quiet all around me. If I was there..... I suppose that your basic instincts take over and no one will be able to answer the question....but I stick to my answer and will find the way to die before getting burn in flames....
  • Personally, I would rather jump and make sure I would land on my head and instantly die, rather then feel myself burning to death. The reason this question was asked, not only because it will be September 11th tomorrow, but I was watching The Happening last night, it came to a part where all these construction workers were deliberately jumping off this building to kill themselves and seeing them drop around you. It gave me an impression, of what 9/11 might have looked like.
  • Yes... but I would have at least tried something lame to lower my terminal velocity to a survivable speed. Perhaps attempt to slide down an elevator shaft cable with a leather strap or something.
  • I don't know what I would have done. I probably would have been so much in shock that I would not be thinking straight. In those circumstances, jumping might seem preferable to burning to death.
  • Hrm. It's easy to think what I would have done or not done when just thinking about it, but in chaotic situations such as this, it's another thing altogether. I have no idea.
  • hoping for the best, I would wait until the flames were leterally licking at me from the window's edge before I gave in to the finality.
  • no i wouldn't commit suicide god forbid, and besides you'd probably be incinerated instantly
  • I'm from NY. My brother was flying on that day and it wasn't until late in the day that I found out he was alive. I know people who never got that call. Children who lost parents and parents who lost children. wives lost husbands and husbands lost wives. Maybe you should think about how some of those peope would feel reading this question.
  • No....I would have let fate sort it out....;)
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  • I think once the flame got to me and it was burn or jump... I'd jump... or try to breath in as much smoke as possible... if that wasn't an option...def jump
  • To be perfectly honest, I really do not know for certain how I would elect to die in that situation. Anyone who says otherwise is probably deluding themselves. Furthermore, your question is soulless.
  • hard to say when not faced with the situation. The survival instinct in some are very strong and will kick for dear life to remain alive where some feel useless to try and willing to take the lesser of two sure death roads. I for one am a survivalist in which I would suppose I would have tried hard to escape the situation either until I succeeded or perished trying.
  • your sick, i mean what good can come from people answerin this question, non what so ever.

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