• He would accept you for who you are, and not try to change you. He would be caring and understanding. He would be there for his wife and/or kids no matter what.
  • Well gee, I wonder where you got the idea for this question. Anyway, A good husband is one who loves his wife unconditionally. Supports her dreams and doesn't just expect her to be in his shadow. Takes on a role as a leader but understands that his wife's role as nurturer is just as important. Finally, a good husband treats his wife like a lady and makes sure she is safe and protected at all times.
  • I really don't understand what is wrong with some people. You've asked a very simple question, in my opinion, and do you know you've been downrated just for that? Anyway, some characteristic of a good husband is one who genuinely loves you and respects you. One cares for you and will stick with you through thick and thin. One who shares your joys but who also shares your pain. A man who comes into your life to bring in and not just to take out. A man who knows how to talk but also how to listen........ah! And of course, one who doesn't forget to put the toilet sit down. But I also must add that I've known, not too many, but a few of such a men who had been destroyed by women who were looking for good husbands. That's quite an irony--isn't?
  • In my opinion, the perfect husband wouldn’t really be perfect at all. I want a man that has flaws and isn’t afraid to admit them. I want a man that makes mistakes on occasion but is smart enough to learn and grow from them. I want someone that I can grow with......with perfection there really isn’t a lot of room for growth. I want someone with their own ideas and opinions. Someone that I can learn from. An original. Someone I can call my own.....even though he isn’t really mine......because he is his own person. Originality and openeness are very important to me. I want someone that isn’t afraid to try something new or different no matter how daring or crazy it may seem. Someone that sticks up for what they believe in.....even if it is different from what others may believe in. I want some one open enough to accept my views and beliefs. Someone that won’t judge me for who I am, what I do, or what I believe in. I want someone that accepts me just the way I am. Someone that I can debate with.....someone who isn’t afraid to voice his opinion on something even if his opinion is different from mine. I want someone that can make me smile.....someone I can laugh with. I want to be able to smile at the very sight of this words needed. Someone with a sense of humor....someone I can joke around with that won’t get easily offended. Someone that finds humor in the little things in life...but is able to be serious if the situation calls for it. Someone that has his own life outside of me.......and can accept that I have my own life too. But also someone that isn’t afraid to include me in the rest of his life........and isn’t afraid to be included in mine. Someone that can accept my matter how strange and weird they may seem. Someone with his own friends....friends different than mine. Someone I can make mutual friends with. Someone that can be my best friend and be there whenever I may need him. Someone that will lend a helping hand, a much needed hug, or a boost of self-confidence when feeling down. Someone that has a lot of self-confidence of their own. Not someone that is cocky and arrogant......but someone that knows who they are and what they want......and isn’t afraid to express it. Someone that has enough confidence to go out and get the job done. Someone that has enough self-confidence in themselves that they don’t have to knock others down in order to achieve it. Someone that appreciates others that have a lot of self confidence. Someone that is honest 100% percent of the time......and someone that expects the same from everyone else. But someone that isn’t naive enough to believe that everyone is telling them the truth. Someone smart enough to fend for themself so that they aren’t hurt by others’ dishonesty. Someone that I know will come forward with the truth if he makes a mistake. Someone that isn’t afraid to tell me the truth even if I don’t want to hear it. Someone that I know will be faithful.....and if he was to slip would come forward and tell me. Someone that isn’t too proud or stubborn to ask for forgiveness and someone that is willing to grant forgiveness when it is asked for and when it is deserved. Someone that realizes that people make mistakes....and that is all they are is mistakes. Someone that will love me through my mistakes and failures. Someone that will encourage me to continue on and learn from my mistakes. Someone that is cute and sexy.....not because they are drop-dead gorgeous......but because they are confident and project themself that way. Someone that can turn me on with a wink of the eye. Someone that is comfortable with their sexuality and isn’t afraid to express it. A hopeless romantic that keeps me coming back for more and more. Someone that is in touch with their feelings and someone that isn’t afraid to express them......someone that isn’t afraid to shed a tear or two. Not necessarily a crybaby......just not someone that refuses to cry because they don’t think men should cry. Someone that doesn’t put people in categories because of gender, race, religion, disability, or any other attribute. Someone that loves and appreciates the outdoors. Someone that isn’t afraid to get their hands dirty....but someone that isn’t afraid to clean them up afterwards. Someone that respects nature and does not try to destroy it......not a treehugger......just someone that cares about the well-being of others. Someone that loves animals.....or at least someone that can deal with the fact that I love them. Someone that wouldn’t be afraid to share the house or the bed with my dog. Someone that loves their family (even if it isn’t their biological family)....someone that wants to have a family. Someone that will make his family first in his life. Someone that isn’t ashamed to be a daddy.....but someone that is very proud to be a daddy. Someone that is willing to give up anything for his children.....but without spoiling them. Someone that won’t choose favorites and will treat each child with equal respect. Someone that will allow his children to have their own opinions and someone that will support them throughout their lifetime. And for brownie points…someone that is a hockey fan and likes to sit around and play his guitar around the campfire. (Guitar or experience not required)
  • Caring;) Sharing your enter most thoughts and Ideas;) Passionate;) Can Make you laugh and be laughed at and with;) Sensual;) Your confidant;)
  • The ability to pick a good wife:)
  • Exactly the same for a good wife, unconditional love.
  • 1) Loves his wife unconditionally. 2) Would give his life in a heartbeat without having to think about it to save his wife's life. 3) Would comitt to remain faithful to his wife no matter what. 4) Is there for his wife through the bad as well as the good. 5) Puts his wife first in all things. 6) Doesn't make decisions that affect them both without getting his wife's opinion and input on the situation. 7) Goes out of his way to make his wife feel loved and respected.
  • romantic, honest, understanding, not jealous, funny, who loves you and the children, who takes care of you and the children, who has lots of character, who can surprise you, whose sexual needs match with yours...
  • Gentleness, kindness, decency, honesty, gratitude for all things in life, steadfastness, courage, self-sacrificing, loving, responsible. In short, all the characteristic of a good man. He also needs to be able to choose a woman with the same characteristics. If both partners are always trying to put the other first, no one ever comes in last.
  • rich... most marital fights are based in money. after I find enough money to live, I will tell you what the second most important thing is because I do not believe I will know until then.
  • ...has a good wife.
  • Hi G! Hopeful, a good heart, a person of strong faith, optimistic, works at improving himself, kind and happy!!! :)
  • (fumbling for a picture of my'n)...Ok my'n, but he's not the norm, nothing I do is wrong. That's not normal. He's obsessed and needs help. But I love him to death, and tend to agree with his point of view.
  • Rich, Faithful, Protective, Repect his wive, love his Kids.
  • Honest, understanding, considerate, patient, ability to communicate, intelligent, funny, kind, and compassionate to start off...
  • He loves his wife as Christ loved the church. He is to be the leader of the family in a self sacrificing way. Check out Ephesians 5:22-33. It defines the roles of husbands and wives. You don't have to be a Christian to appreciate the beauty and simplicity of the verses. If only we all lived in this much respect and love for one another.
  • Like in Gladiator. Strength and Honor. If your man has thoes 2 things everything else is a given.
  • Henpecked-ness!
  • 1) Patient 2) Tolerant 3) kind 4) honest 5) Just
  • One that does what he is told
  • Respect, honesty, understanding and kindness.
  • honest, caring, loving, patient

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