• I would have sworn I knew! But after giving it some thought, what I believed to be "small town values" are probably stereotypes. Heck, the people in the video didn't really know. But maybe that's the point since the few values mentioned sounded no different from "big city" values or any other American's values. Maybe "small town" values are simply "American values with a southern accent".
  • Since I can't listen to the video, I'm winging this don't lie, you don't disparage others for having different viewpoints, you don't cheat, you don't vilify/undermine/sabotage are faithful to your family, hardworking, kind, helpful, non-judgmental, dependable..a great friend, a good avoid anything snarky,supercilious,patronizing, condescending, pompous, arrogant and self-centered. Your partisanship begins and ends with being an American, embracing all views if not sharing them, and being a credit to your community! There..that about covers it. don't feel superior to anyone because of your political/religious realize it's all "right", all "good", and all "American"! :) Happy Tuesday! :) ((hugs))

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